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March 05, 2010


that photo deserves to be framed at some size or the other. what a lovely image. it's so warm and leisurely and grassy! i seem to have missed it the first time around, didn't i?

ps: is it a coincidence that sod rhymes with the general?

it's much better than the house over at the Fish Diner.

aif- it was warm and grassy and the dogs were leisurely, but the building of the place was definitely not. I love that photo because they looked like sentries. They plopped themselves down there.

ZRM- it'd be kind of fun to build a McMansion out of sod...

First, great post, Jennifer. Very cool you guys tried to do this.

It also reinforces that, if civilization collapses, I may as well just collapse with it, because I am too delicate and plugged in to live in a house made out of grass clumps, let alone build one.

Brando- unless I'm 4 inches tall, I'm not going to be capable of building one either.

As for being plugged in... we have not yet attempted a sod computer, etc.

As for being plugged in... we have not yet attempted a sod computer, etc.

I used to know how to work a slide rule.... it's pretty damn close to a sod computer. Stone knives and bearskins, at least.

blogging will end up being charcoal sketches sent to each other by carrier vole!

I still think blogging will be done via smoke signal.

As for the dreaded slide rule... Grizzled sent one in with the Eldest Lamblet. Her teacher was talking about them as if they were used thousands of years ago.

I had a brief dalliance with them and promptly forgot...

Brief dalliance? Does Grizzled know?

OK, people, I need more suggestions for avoiding work here.....

Grizzled had a longer dalliance... he's got no room to talk!

You could avoid work by checking out El's latest masterpiece pulled from the vaults...

Guys always exaggerate the length of their dalliance.

awesome, I love it! that would've made me so happy as a kid. I love the light in the photo.

And when the big bad wolf came to the third little piglet's house, he discovered that it was made out of turves. "Well sod!" he exclaimed. "Quite right," agreed his friend. So they drank a few bevvies and rested their eyes for a while.

ZRM- it'd be kind of fun to build a McMansion out of sod...

And while you're at it, could you rhyme with with 'stanchion' and 'scansion'?

My cat would definitely have moved into the sod house!

I would like my sod house to be defended by giant attack dogs too.

I bet the missing pirate middle lamblet would know how to build a sod house correctly---at full scale, on a ship in the ocean.

what, Saturday and Sunday are not part of Repeat week?

I am bereft.

Just reading "Little House in the Big Woods" exhausted me. I don't know how those people survived for any time.

AK- I never thought building a sod house would be a walk in the park, but building even one this small was enlightening... and I got to go sleep in a comfy bed when I was done.

Mandos is so right!

LOL!! I totally missed that comment the first time! No doubt my guilt causing me to block out anything relating to the 3rd lamblet...

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