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March 10, 2010


but what if you like the green cup best?

Then start with green! Or end with green....

It doesn't matter where you start or end, as long as they're in order.

It could be Gbivroy.

Also... as you can see... one of the yellow cups is slightly more orange... it must be towards the orange cup, not the green... and the dark green must be by the blues, not the yellows... just sayin'.

George Bivroy? He owes me money!!

I'm sure fish will come along and say all of this. That's when he's not busy putting assless chaps on toddlers... I don't even want to think what's next. Maybe the freezer...

I love this.


If you only have two (like us) this happens of its own accord with no intervention on our part. Isn't nature wonderful?

LOL!! Good point!

That's when he's not busy putting assless chaps on toddlers.

I have to say this because TLB has beaten it into me: all chaps are assless.

Good lord, Brando, that is fertile filthbot ground, that is....

I'm not touching it, although I was thinking the same thing... having spent enough weekends in Chicago during Mr. Leather International.

Reason #453 why the Lamblets are awesome!
NOw, to discuss when they will be coming over to my house to do some puttin' away and organizin'

as a nearby native of SF I have no comment on chaps or asses

this is related to my thought of the morning, which was how I can ensure that I don't pass on my spider phobia to Bronwen

JENNIFER! Sorry, I dropped off the planet for a while. :) This is totally something I would do. I can be a little ocd when it comes to putting away dishes. Especially loading dishwashers. I will now never buy colored cups like this, because I would do this now.

wev, K. Folsom (Fulsome?) Street Fair- you hit that every year


The "newer" plates don't have enough color variation for it to be satisfying. If anything, I sometimes put them in repeating patterns... green, yellow, orange, blue, green, yellow...

The old flower-shaped Ikea plates came in many colors and worked.

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