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March 21, 2010



off topic, I LOLed at this just now and had to share.
the search for Cush and she looks like she REALLY needs one

Can I be appalled again?

Yes! We need more whimsy in our lives.

I think your sister could help calculate the necessary peep pattern.

Ah hah! I saw the title of this post, and suspected some filthbottery/peep hatching plan.

Kathleen! LOL indeed!

ZRM- I think it's your job to be appalled, but just curious... which part is appalling? Or is it just all of it? :)

Jim- viva la whimsy!

thundra- no filthbottery... just plain peep greed.

fish- I know! I was thinking that yesterday as I was realizing each peep had to account for a stitch... and peeps aren't that small, so you'd need a ton of peeps to get the actual pattern, but... what if you could photograph the peeps and then program a weaving/knitting pattern... voila!

The thing that makes it easier with the peeps is that they are not strung together in any particular order..... YET! Hmmmmm.....

The picture with all of them in a pile looks like Alfred Hitchcock's The Peeps.

The thing that makes it easier with the peeps is that they are not strung together in any particular order..... YET! Hmmmmm.....

The options are nearly limitless. I tell you, I had such a lovely vision of Peep plaid in my head... I just couldn't bear to buy that many peeps, but it was tempting.

Brando- We just needed Tippi Hedren. :)
They looked really scary at the end when sugars were mixing and were sticking to their raw marshmallow sides. I've got a photo somewhere, but it was almost too nasty to post.

I was just echoing...


If you echo a stolen comment, does anybody hear it??

that looks like so much fun!

great work there, team Yes.

aif! I was just thinking about you! I was watching the Dan Barber TED clip you recommended a week or so ago.

If you echo a stolen comment, does anybody hear it??

Sorry, I couldn't hear you.

Also, looking quickly at this post title over at #B, it looks like it says "peep salad"

Your course is clear.

Of course, I meant 3B. That was an extra-special typo for spring.

I wanna come over and play peeps!!

ZRM- I had thought about Peep Salad just yesterday after seeing the new orange and green color choices...

Von- you would have been more than welcome.

that dan barber thing is amazing, and it's struck a nerve across so many people i have shown it to. needs to catch on :)

btw - what do you think of 'peepocalypse' as a title for the next time you stick those poor sugar puffs in a microwave?!

I would have posted it, but fish would have thought I was putting up something about him...

And Peepocalypse would have been PERFECT!

These would make perfect color-blindness tests- I know a guy...

I know a guy...

How much did he pay you?

Just wait for tomorrow's colour-vision post.

hdb appears to be up late.

this is awesome.

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