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January 29, 2010


yah right. This is the first I've heard an invitation.

Sorry though. Saturday's booked solid. Taekwondo, and Leadership club, and theater tonight, and young Zombie is visiting a young lady....

Saturday's booked solid.

I know... that's why I asked. :)

wait, you're meeting Captain Carl this weekend?


Jennifer is going to meet Peter Parker. Lots in common.

WEll, an update, we have to reschedule due to one blogger's illness.
Sad, but not discouraged!! We WILL meet!!
(but I probably will not be wearing that blue dress. Probably.)
Y'all jealous, I knowz.
Z - you can run, but you cannot hide. I WILL find you this year. I will.

sooooo... Jennifer is going to be laying in sick-bed all weekend, and unable to check in on her blog?


just don't go into a dark movie theatre with Peewee

I confess to the charges, but plead mitigation. These thoughts are constructive criticisms. Pyramidical. I try to suppress these thoughts, but they leak out in Second Level through the head-wound of my third death. I was imperfectly repaired. No. That is not true. I think what I think!

Comedy gold!

Vortex Four. Needs: soap, apples, salt, leather.

Especially leather. Red leather.

fish is looking to start trouble, I can see that.

Is this the right room for an argument?

Norman, coordinate.

where's my damn bandoliers?

Is that pony a strap on?

This is rather pathetic.

just gettin started, Harry. It's early.

Awfully quiet out there this morning.

TOO quiet.

I hope someone didn't invite Ron Paul Book.

ooops. Sorry. We need all the meaningless chatter we can get though, and that's a pretty fertile source.

I hope somewhere along the line, the tag "Helping Jennifer talk to herself" gets added to this post.

oh, and word on the interducts is that this will be a fish-free episode, so feel free to bad-mouth him all you want.

or perhaps a fish-FRY episode...

I'm putting on the Black Glasses....

Hey, my Emusic renewed today!

So this post could also be tagged "woo-hoo!"

Quick! Thunder, fetch my Hammers!

Yesterday, I poured power steering fluid into my car, which stopped the screeching. When I poured it into my ears, however, the voices did not stop.

Though I found when I switched to tequila, the voices started to say more encouraging things.

ZRM- having to work on a Sunday... something wrong.

And why am I not surprised that it will be fish-free...

who's working?

I am. I'm working at not vomiting on my keyboard.

Did I see something about Ron Paul and a strap-on pony?

Not helping my queasiness...

Ok, ZRM... I'm going to go lie down... In case Zardoz does make an appearance, which I doubt... my blog seems to be Zardoz immune, I've turned off comment verification.

I'm working at not vomiting on my keyboard.

Hey, I think thunder can give you some advice on that. Puke, wine, either way...

No COMMENTS!! Rock, ON Zed!!

You know, apparently the iPhone can also serve as an impact reduction device.

judging by Missus Zombie's.... slippe on ice, and the iPhone broke her fall.

Seems to be a single use though....

In case Zardoz does make an appearance, which I doubt... my blog seems to be Zardoz immune,

I find your lack of faith... disturbing.

i KNOW, darth!!

The lack of Big Stone Head avatar is also disturbing.

fish is filleted.

As Big Stone Head of Z.A.R.D.O.Z., we approve.

I wonder if Snag has come to from his birthday celebration yet?

3 more comments, and the comment list up top will be

hmmm.... well, I don't see any Romantics CDs here. That's good.

K, now I have to run through a few more meaningless in-jokes....


..wait, I don't think that's right.

you stay lying down, Jennifer, we'll do handle the ZARDOZ!!

COBA has asked me to keep an eye on this blog, in an impartial way.

No problem, Ombudsgloob. Zardoz is non-partisan.

Von is getting near....

Don't you mean BOTH eyes, Ombudsglooob?

Did I find the unattended back door?

I'm in!!1!!

HA!! Thought you could lock me out eh?


Why is sayingyes set to PST? Did Chicago move to CA?

I don't know if I can be trusted with this comments form

I wouldn't think so, AK.

missing a couple of hours, fish?



missing a couple of hours, fish?

when am I not?

I am about to find out just how anti the podes are.

I SAID "gross"

I think Pinko is asking for us to pass the tequila.

...and then pass the tequila right back here.

Just as a warning, if you pass the tequila to me, you ain't getting it back.

I also invited Bad Religion.

I am about to find out just how anti the podes are.

If you see Smut Clyde, collect the 100 bucks he owes me, okay?

Chuck Todd IS the Grapefruit Chupacabra!

The Podes?

I think I saw them back in the 80s.

How about a jar of bourbon, Pinko?

jar booze is the best.

chuck Todd WEARS the Grapefruit Chupacabra.

Remember that Jar Jar Booze character from Star Warz?

Speaking of booze, I bought some Dead Guy Ale (from Portland) in ZRM's honor yesterday.

It's pretty tasty (even though it wasn't on sale).

Zombies are NEVER on sale.

i really don't think fish will be taking us over the top on this one...

Don't mess with the podes is all I'm saying

Has anyone ever vomited during a Zardoz thread?

I'm sure no one has narrated their nauseous episode during a Zardoz thread.

I'd suggest keeping a wastebasket handy.

Also, keep your wine glass well away from your computer, thunder.


Jennifer has gone to talk to Ralph on the Big White Phone.

Has anyone ever vomited during a Zardoz thread?

I am wondering if there has been a Zardoz where someone Hasn't

ZRM- I've added categories for your amusement.

I'm now moving back to the bathroom and away from my monitor/keyboard. Thundra's wino incident was a lesson to us all.

I am wondering if there has been a Zardoz where someone Hasn't

Don't make me laugh. My ribs hurt...

Von was supposed to be here. Let's pretend she is.

Hi Von!

I may have to resort to Rush lyrics though....

Von was literally supposed to be here... Von, the 20th is open?? Can I convince you to drive out to this wasteland one more time??

Oh god... no Rush lyrics. And certainly NO GEDDY!

Take off, eh? Ten bucks is ten bucks.

Hi Von!

I take it fish took off with the tequila? Did he also nab thundra's jar-o-bourbon?

Merely typing bourbon and tequila made my stomach lurch..., cof coff...aanes!

Funny ZRM. I could projectile vomit all teh way to Milbrappee if I had to.

I've got thundra's bourbon. Pinko hasn't given the tequila back yet though. Which is, I suspect, why he hasn't come back....

Pinko is probably in the deep embrace of a pork snorkel.

hey, come on, lurching and shambling are zombie things.... don't make me get teh union down on you.

Ok, now I am heading back to bed... to no doubt have fever dreams of floating stone heads...

fish is cowardly though. He's apparently running all the way to Australia....

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