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December 22, 2009


so you had swordfish for dinner last night?

Now that would have made some sense! :) No... I did not. I had pork roast so should have been dreaming about pork-flavored Pepsi. Gack. Reminds me of the Jones turkey/mashed potatoes/gravy-flavored sodas...

It is actually spelled Pepsea and is quite delicious.

:) I can't believe I missed that...

And why should I trust you?? I would think, being a fish, you're biased... even if you're not a saltwater fish...

pork-flavored Pepsi.

That's like lighting the Pinko signal. or the Snag Signal.

Two nights ago I dreamt I went next door for some reason and it turned out we were living next to the Queen of England. Who knew?
I got to meet them all and had scones and such.
Woke up screaming.

LOL! I love it when you have those discoveries! "Honey! Did you know we lived next to the Queen?!?!"

So, I'm guessing you won't be BBQing together?? And I'm guessing she wouldn't want to try Deep Sea Pepsi...

So, I'm guessing you won't be BBQing together?

Betty is always welcome at a BBQ. Her potato salad is legendary -- I think she mixes her own mayonnaise. The hard part is getting her to come round without inviting Phil the Greek as well, for he is a crusty old bugger who won't eat BBQed egg-plant or capsicum or anything like that. Inevitably he starts ranting about "foreign muck" and asking what's wrong with good old-fashioned sausages.

She might drop in later in the afternoon on Xmas Day. Phil will be in the EZBoy by then, "resting his eyes" after a Pimms #1 or 3. The family will have played Family Feud and ended up throwing the set into the fireplace, and she will be ready for a drink herself.


Deep Sea Pepsi
A much more satisfying name than Trench Coke.

A much more satisfying name than Trench Coke.

Oh yeah?

Things go better with Aqua-Cola™!

R Sea Cola.


Seaerra Mist.



LOL@feeshy's as well.

Now I wish I had watched the entire commercial so I knew what the hook was. Would it have been a bit salty? Would there be spray in your face when you drank it?

Would it be the end result of Mountain Dew runoff?

Things go better with Salted Coke.

The Salt and Vinegar Coke died without a struggle.

The Salt and Vinegar Coke died without a struggle.

Perhaps they could just combine the snack and the soda... BBQ potato chip Coke. Maybe the ice could contribute the crunch.

I wonder if they could work in Betty's kick-ass potato salad! Although, I'm not sure if potato salad and carbonation go hand in hand...

As long as they don't bring back Pepsi Clear.

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