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December 21, 2009


Oh, the beauty of irony is right! Great, great story!

The only Christmas memory I have that's not just normal and sorta boring is the Christmas I put on my new Christmas PJ's on Christmas morning, along with my super shiny strawberry lip gloss and had someone take pictures of me to send to Vince Van Patten, while I posed in my Grandmother's brown vinyl chair. LOLOL Maybe we had some knock-down-drag-outs but I don't remember them. Yours would be pretty hard to top, anyway. Must click over to Sir Brando's!

At least no spankings were involved.

Or spiders.

You rang?


No! There are no spiders in the 12 Days of Christmas!!!

Thanks for sharing your family with us... to some of us it means more than you will ever know...
There was a year I saw a Christmas tree being thrown out a third story window... lights and all...
Even Scrooge looked pretty good at that moment!!

Miss Jane!!!

In my family's defense... they're pretty normal, just dramatic at times. :)

I hope you have a wonderful holiday season and I can't wait to see what direction your creations take in the NY.

I am sending Jennifer's family a jigsaw for Xmas, with one piece missing.

I am sending Jennifer's family a jigsaw for Xmas, with one piece missing.

Now that one, we can handle. :)

It also works as a metaphor for family relationships.
A spider pinata DOES NOT work as a metaphor for family relationships. If it does, change families.

Yes, I flashed on the metaphor.

What a great story!! ho ho and ho.

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