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December 17, 2009


too good to eat.

One day, no doubt, the entire suit will crumble and fall to the floor
Not armour, but icing.

I am sure that somewhere in the bOING bOING archives there will be a design for a cookie printer, with little icing dispensers scanning back and forth. However, research reveals that feeding a cookie through an ink-jet printer is not a good idea. In the meantime, keep the cookies and eat the handpainted etchings.

you *are* the only person who can do those!!!
until fish steals them, of course.

best wishes to you + family too, Sir Jen

Freaking amazing job on these, and they clearly reflect the class and refinement that can only be achieved with pure white sugar.

You should preserve them with shellac.

A very Happy Holidays to you, Grizzled, and the Lamblets.

No other person can make Bill O'Rilley xxxmas cookies.

Or maybe that is "would"

Thanks ZRM.

hdb- blech... no... I will not be eating any 2D Pinnated Grouse, but I appreciate the sentiment.

K! Same to you!!! What a big Christmas for your family!!! Enjoy every second of it.

Brando nails me with the sugar and the shellac... what next? Driving with a garbage can in the passenger seat? :) I hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday as well!!!

fish- I'm taking that would as a compliment...

Here's wishing everyone a wonderful whatever it is they celebrate... life is good.

The same in return from>everyone here at Maison d'Etre.

Maison d'Etre :)

And which one would be herr doktor??

I'm taking that would as a compliment...

As it was meant to be.

Jennifer, have a confession...

I *still* have two of your cookies from a few years ago in the bread box. I can't throw them away! And I couldn't eat them, they were too pretty. So, there they've been for what? Two years? Still look great!

Merry Christmas to you, Grizzled, the Eldest Lamblet and the Youngest Lamblet. Happiness, health, peace and prosperity in the New Year!

Those look wonderful!

Happy, Happy, Jennifer!

Those are cool.

I'll bet you'd get to keep more if you painted little poison bottles on them.

Or little spiders.

BG- it's been 3 years!!! :)

Thanks Thunder and SMcG.

See, that's the good thing about giving them to kids... they see a cookie and go, "Snarf, snarf, snarf!!!"

And I'm guessing they would even if I painted spiders on them, which I never would...

These are so beautiful!! Too pretty to eat!! You are sehr talented!! I'm sure they all have nuts in them, don't they?

Too pretty to eat, but -- what the hell, let's chow down!

Too pretty to eat, but -- what the hell, let's chow down!

let me know how that line works with your lady friends, Dan.

Heh heh -- let's keep it clean now!

And a merry Christmas to you, Jennifer, the cookies look de-lish. All the best!

wish you a very merry Christmas, Jennifer! May the holidays be snack and cookie filled - and may the armour last for another few years at least!

Heh heh -- let's keep it clean now!

let me know how that line works with your lady friends, Dan.

What cooool cookies, Jennifer. Hope you and teh fambly have a good time.If you are in the area drop by the Riddled office on Christmas eve for the Christmas party. we have a spider Piñata filled with spiders. Heh heh whack that you bastards!

You have always been a super hero in my life. Your cookies are just the icing on the cookies.

Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays to all of you guys as well!

Kiwi- I'll pass on the pinata. I know it's going to be filled with those damn jumping spiders...

Scott- you've obviously been drinking again... Lahve you too! :)

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