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October 20, 2009


Damn, girlfriend, that was some good writing! Not bad for an alleged "visual" person.

(Now just don't go and get a swelled head that I can hear popping two or three states away...)

(Now just don't go and get a swelled head that I can hear popping two or three states away...)

:) You'll never forgive me... will you!?

that was a great post. you really have a knack/flair for imagery.

"Make a complete entree out of a can of questionable peaches, a can of black beans, some shriveled fennel, and a jar of green olives."

Back in the poor days I found that spaghetti and sugar didn't mix that well.

Silly me for not stealing packs of ketchup from McDonald's.

Spaghetti and sugar. GACK!

I do remember spending a week+ living off of grapefruit and oatmeal... wasn't that bad. I'm sure I had other heinous combos though.

Thanks K.

Is this a particular special day at the supermarket, or is it just a certain time of day? I know around here I don't want to be shopping around 2pm, anywhere.

Tuesdays here are senior discount day... don't know how regional vs national it is, but I remember them as well growing up... my mother usually had the same reaction. She still does and she's 80.

I was there at 11am, which is late for me. I generally like running errands as early as I can, but today, I kept putting it off.

I'm not as young and vital as the lamblet, but I think I felt siphoning...

Always with the spiders!

I feel bad for Mr. Dapper Casual who was going home to no one. :(

Also, why is it that the older you get the less you have to eat? I went to lunch with a couple of older ladies on Monday and they ate like birds and acted like they were stuffed.

I love grocery store stories. Great post, Jennifer!


oops that was supposed to go on the other one

I moved it, Kathleen.

I moved it, Kathleen.

Posted by: Jennifer

the power of Typepad!!!

it would've been awesomer though if you had signed that "Zardoz".

Done. :)

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