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October 03, 2009


Keanu Reeves and David Lee Roth!

Wrong and wrong... but nice guesses.

That smile looks vaguely familiar...


Valerie and Eddie before she went on Jenny Craig?

Ah, youth!

So far Dan is the only correct one! This image does indeed show youth... fleeting youth.

Pinko guessed correctly in an email. He's been sworn to secrecy while everyone else weighs in.

The hair gives it away. It's the happy couple!

I'm not even sure what to say to that one...

I have no idea! But, that photo is at once adorable and hysterical.

Can't wait to find out.

I had to go to my back issues of Tiger Beat.

Pinko- Shhhh! No hints!

BG- the era is familiar, isn't it... :) I think I have a "quiana" (sp??) shirt that would have looked fabulous with that sweater.

That sweater is truly groovy.

I keep thinking I *have to* know who it is! Can you give us a teeny hint? Like, is it someone HUGELY FAMOUS?

No more clues/hints/suggestions! :)


Yeah Snag, but which one is which? Hmmmm??

Can I Google? Would that be cheating?

What would you Google?

I think it's John Dunbar (on the left), better known as Adrian Grenier's father.

Snag and fish.


Yes Brando- I took it from my blogging scrapbook... your page is empty by the way... I'd love a copy of that sweater vest/white pants ensemble. And don't forget to add a photo of you wearing your Dungeons and Dragons get-up.

Debbie- I can see a little Adrian Grenier in one of them, but otherwise... WRONG!

Snuffleupagus and the Grinch?

Tony DeFranco!~

Someone's getting warmer!!

TD to the left!

How truly pathetic is it that I remembered every word and beat of that song?!

How truly pathetic is it that I remembered every word and beat of that song?!

I know. I was just thinking the same thing and have actually listened to it for the 4th time.

It takes a lot for a song to make me wish I was listening to the Bay City Rollers instead. Congratulations, DeFranco Family.

Brando- I almost think I prefer the DeFrancos... and that was hard to type...

I like the family's committment to gender equality. jumpsuits for everyone!!

It was the 70's. I think even Nixon wore a jumpsuit.

K- any guesses on the identity of the people/person in the photo?

It's not me, because my grandma's bannister didn't look like that.

OT: DeFranco videos (and to a lesser extent, KCATSB) serve as pretty effective zombie deterrent. Not 100% effective, but what is? But it certainly does harm the dead.

Grizzled was just giving me flack yesterday for owning a KCATSB album. It's reassuring to know, that although I'll get grief, I'll be protected from errant zombies.

And if that's not enough, I'll throw in my Brothers Johnson album!

I wish I did have a guess. On a related note, someone really needs to work on the wikipedia entry for Tiger Beat.

Wow! That entry was really sparse!

Some would say it is of an entirely appropriate length.


Wow, he's almost dressed normally there... in a white shirt no less... with chest hair!

I can't say that I EVER saw these people.

Of course, I went Led Zeppelin, BTO, Deep Purple at an early age.

The plaid gives it away. Clearly Vinne DelPino back from a trip to Canada. Where's the Doogie?

Clearly Vinne DelPino back from a trip to Canada.


No matter how this turns out, Jennifer, there's no way you're getting photos of 70's Zombies.

Oh! Come! On! Pony up!!

Actually, I didn't even ask Snag... it just landed in my email. I think I might have bourbon to thank.

Snag and Fish?

Do you see a Whole Foods container in the photo filled with Mooseloaf?

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