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July 29, 2009


I'm with you on that... I hate having to fight off negative comments or someones vision of what they think you should do to it.... I am actually moving in the other direction to discourage well meaning friends... I still don't mind posting to my online journal though... Somehow this venue has escaped the over the shoulder jitters, naysayers and Creative Genius counsel...

That's beautiful, Jennifer! Love it.

You should do a series and try to sell 'em to an ice cream shoppe.

I'm with you too on people seeing anything I do until I feel it's ok for them to do so. I hate when people stand over my shoulder.

Thanks you two. Just remember! It's not finished yet!!!

Are there more in the food on a table motif? It is easy for me to imagine (similar) backstories for both these pieces. The pleasure of sitting at a quiet kitchen table, ready to tuck into a simple, yet carefully prepared treat. I feel the implied presence of a coffee cup in both cases. Sounds and smells linked to the images. Nice.

Oh fish, you know there are... I haven't gotten to those yet. I still fully intend to do the one that has all of the items I mentioned, I just keep adding items, and have to make the items... then arrange, then photograph, since I'm not going to let some of those sit around for days while I paint. I was going to do a triptych, but think I'll just do a long rectangle.

As for coffee... there's always the presence of coffee. :)

I had to click back to the photo. Although I remember it as just YUMMY, I think that painting has taken the yummy parts and amped them up. These would include the pinkness of the ice cream, the blue reflections in the tablecloth. The feel of cold, cold, cold and sweet. So far, so good! I'll get off your shoulder now....

K- yes, they're amped up and although some of that is the beginning intensity that will be toned down, it will still be more amped up than the original... for any number of reasons... one being that the ice cream was pretty pale and the lighting in the photo didn't help and another being, just because. :)

Of course it's not finished!

There's still ice cream in the bowl! And how can you finish it without a spoon?

I'm hungry.

ZRM- if it had been finished, I would have added, "Cats say 'meow,'" at the end...


Maybe it's a new Internet Tradition.

I don't like being watched when I work

That's what ended my career in adult entertainment. Well, one of the things....

Great painting, but I think it would be better if it also included a cat with a humorously misspelled caption.

It's Not Finished Yet!

That's what I hear from the boss(es) when I turn in my completed loan narrative, etc.

P.S. How exciting does that sound? Loan narrative. The Horror. The Horror.

Loan narrative??? Dear. Lord. You don't live by any bridges, do you?!?!?


And Brando... thanks, thanks a lot. fish was listening... fish is always listening.

How big is that canvas, J?

I was surprised at the small size of the Golden Bear....


ZRM- for scale, look here.

Snag- back at cha!

I have to say the actual bowl is way too small for any dessert in my house...

fish is a treasure. Shame about the poo.

Pinko- the poo has been eradicated.

Fish is a poo. Shame about the treasure.

Fish poo is a renewable resource.

Shame about the Pinko.

Total shame about The Pinko.

The Pinko is not shamed, however.

I'm still hungry.

Dan- I was hoping the talk of dog poo would have squelched that hunger... Sorry. I guess the only thing left to do is go buy some ice cream.

As for Pinko? Shame, shame, shame.

Eradicating the poo did help. Now it seems more scoop archetype. I will also add that I love the point of view for the painting (ditto for the toast) which is like you are sitting down at the table and hovering over the food ready to eat it.

I'm hungry like Dan now.

This is Pinko">">Pinko on the right (I think, but it could be the left).

LOL!!! If only that satin syuit were red satin trackies! I'd say the dance moves are spot on!

And yes, the ice cream is more archetypal now... I think you need that with ice cream. Our brains know it too well. It was looking like rocks to me before.

As for that point of view... I'm a hoverer. And I like diagonals. This would have been more "me" had I approached it from the diagonal, but the hovering is there.

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