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May 15, 2009


Oh, what the hell... it's nonsense.

Speaking truth to zombies.

It must be hard work!

Lovely post!! Yep, we love ZRM!!

Let's see, AIF, fish's, Von's, Snag's.... I think I've commented at all the zombie luv blogs. Seems like I'm missing one yet. Maybe I'll go through them one more time, even if I've got work to do..

dum de dum, just roaming the neighborhood. fish is getting filthbotty, no surprise there. Need more comments at Snag's but I think we're WAAAYYY ahead on his blog from last week. Where else should I go?

Oh! Hey! What about Snacktator-Lady!!

Gotta drop some nonsense on Saying Yes.

Oh and Who the Hell Is Sally? (looking through some of Von's archives)

Thanks Jennifer!! Made my day.

I don't want to live in a place where we can't express our love of a corpse.

hmmmm, wait....

Is it just me, or did that sound really wrong!??! :)

Hi Kathleen!!!! You've been missed!

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