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May 08, 2009


I knew you'd catch the Xtranormal bug sooner or later!

It was either that or do real work and I've done so well blowing it off all I figured I'd make fish a video considering he animated my Lili Von Blog.

Awesome! Suddenly everything's right.

Stealing zombie moves....

Yes. You threw me under the Snag bus so I lifted your moves.

Besides... there weren't that many moves from which to choose... and new shoes tend to make people feel like dancing.

Look, you called the Zardoz first.

Also did wonderful work in verse, kudos.

Look, you called the Zardoz first.

Only because you were thinking it and I knew it...

Lifted verse. :)

The dance at the end is my very favorite part! I even tried to mimic it a little!

It's the "new shoe" dance!! And... who knew fish could dance? I'm guessing he didn't.

Fish gotta dance, birds gotta fly.

You forgot the "" around dance.

Yeah, the dance rocks.

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