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May 07, 2009


No comment!

First BG left for FB, and I said nothing.
Then I was approached to Twitter and I said nothing.
Now Jennifer is tired and I leave a comment.

Dear Madeline, I mean Lili, I mean Jennifer, just remember you're a real trooper ... And, Oh, it's twue. It's twue. It's twue, it's twue!
So, Would you like another schnitzengruben? And a wed wose. How womantic.

Bill- no thank you, fifteen is my limit.


Now try it as xtranormal...

I'm too tired...

Then you need a little help.

Bravo!!! Encore!!! Awesome and inspired!! I'll sing in your chorus anytime. NOw please, go comment on my blog....;)

O Von, you don't know what you're asking...

Did you not see the smoking crater left at Snag's?

Befouled, indeed.

I like to walk on the wild side. Risky, I know.

Coming down off our meth jag, are we?

Shorter Jennifer:

Baby, please, I am not from Havana!

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