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May 10, 2009


FANTASTIC! Tell her I say BRAVO and hi! And save me a slice, okay? I knew I loved your girls for a reason. And I love that she made the people look like you and Grizzled!

I bought some rhubarb yesterday and am going to make my mom a crumble for Mother's Day. Happy happy to you too!

OK, EL has high blogular awesomeness. You have raised your children to be aware of all internet traditions. Kudos.

I heard there would be pie....

Unfortunately the pie is going over to Grizzled's elderly mother... it's her favorite and I'm nice...

I've been told I need to make another one for here.

What about cookies? I was told there would be cookies...

This could be the best one yet.

I'm doing the pie dance!

Now if only I had some pie...

HA!HA!HA! I've watched this like 5 times!! Woo hoo, do the pie dance! Peace out home skillet biscuit!!

I have found a new toy. Thanks, Jen, now I'm never going to finish Proust.

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