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April 06, 2009


I think more people would visit this blog if every Thursday you posted cute cat pictures. Perhaps with amusingly misspelled captions as if the cats has written the captions themselves.

You are doing BETTER than ok!! I adore this here blog. DO you need me to kick someone's arse? I'm not above that....

jeez, it's a blog. Lighten up, Frances.

I think you would get more traffic if you blogged about Zardoz more, also, but is that something you want to do?

Hey Von!! Come back Von!! You'll never guess what was on TV yesterday, I watched it all the way through, cheesy as it was....

Isn't there a TeeVee show about people who do blog make-overs? Get their old stuff pruned, new face shots, that sort of stuff.

ZRM- Was it Von's favorite?? ROAD HOUSE?!?!
Also, Lighten up, Frances :) Y

Von- no arse-kicking necessary, but I appreciate the offer.

fish- you know I'm allergic to cats and... photos of cats...

Isn't there a TeeVee show about people who do blog make-overs?

Don't think so... guess it's a wide open career opportunity for someone!

I'm so glad I was the goofy link! :)

It is strange when someone takes it upon themselves to tell others what they should do. And believe me, I am guilty of getting way too riled up over what some people write on their blogs. Mostly political posts.

Or posts ripping on my man, Chuck Todd. lol

Sometimes it just irks me to no end. Then I try to stop and think, Who cares!

To each his own. But, I can definitely have my immature days.

ZRM, you'll appreciate this. And Jennifer, you already know this.

For about a month, awhile back, I got a rash of emails correcting my spelling and grammar. And one guy even wrote, "Stop thinking you are so superior to everyone else!"

And that one got to me a little. I took it personally. Oh well. I'm over it....till the next diss comes along.

And lol @ Lighten up, Frances.

I would NEVAH use back channel communication to chew people up for spelling and grammar.

Right out in the comment section, for sure.

But: Chuck Todd is still...

I'm so glad I was the goofy link!

And you know that was meant in a good way. :)

FYI- I chuckled to myself this morning as I watched The Toddster, thoughtfully stroking his serious facial hair and wondered, "Is BG watching this right now!?!? Are there hearts and flowers spilling out of her eyes and ears???"

But: Chuck Todd is still...

Lighten up, Frances.

Jennifer, was Chuck Todd on Morning Joe? I don't watch that show anymore. I refuse to start my day by yelling at the TV.

I believe it was the local Chicago news, but they broke in with the Presidential press conference that was being held in Turkey. Chuckie Buckets was in the crowd of journalists...

I barely watch Morning Joe anymore for the same reason. I figure if something huge happens, I'll hear about it at some point.

lol @ Chuckie Buckets.

I refuse to start my day by yelling at the TV.

I do this every morning. Sometimes I turn it on first.

Have you ever tried yelling at your watch?

I second the cat pictures and captions, but think it would be stronger if the cats were discussing serious issues of the day. For instance:

US Cat: U cantz haz missels

N. Korean Cat: Sez u. Watchz dis rockit lawnch...O NOES!

US Cat: Ha ha, FAIL!

N. Korean Cat: I ment 2 do that.

I second the cat pictures and captions, but think it would be stronger if the cats were discussing serious issues of the day.

LOL!!! But... what would the opposite of LOL be?? FCOLCat? (For Crying Out Loud Cat)... or maybe just :(Cat

LOL at Brando. Well played, sir.

Doghouse Riley referred to it as ... launch(ing) a board with a nail in it

You could do a picture of Chuck Todd with a walrus saying "Mr. Bukkets, I wud likes a werd wif u...."

Seriously, there are amateur rocketeers in the US who could have managed a better launch out of the back of a pickup.

Heck, the Mythbusters did just as well with a missile using sausage as a solid fuel.

I fear that this comment thread may not be perceived as *real.*

Heck, Mythbusters did a better job launching Diet Coke with their Mentos.

I fear that this comment thread may not be perceived as *real.*


I need to add a *real* category to my categories... or a real-o-meter for upcoming posts.

BG needs to add a Chuck (heart) Todd category to her posts....

All hail Sgt. Hulka.

I got an email a few days ago suggesting that my blog might be *stronger* if I did more serious posts

I recommend - nay command - imperious posts.

Serious pants. That's what this blog needs. That, and more snack cakes in costume.

Somebody is pissed at Blue Girl's blog. I am DYING here. Blue Girl does think she is better than other people because she is validated by baking contests.

How come King of the Baby Contest Winner is allowed to swear on others' blogs but no one's allowed to swear on his??!!

Why are you mad at my blog, KOTBCW? What did it ever do to you?

But, the real question is, why have I been up since 2:30am??!!

And also, why is it snowing so hard and why is it so windy??!!

I'm freezing!

And tired!

It's snowing because the weather got an email that it was not being serious enough... no more silly April flowers. No more frolicsome spring greenery. Bah! No... it's time for SERIOUS WEATHER... and that means SNOW!!! Because everyone knows that snow in December is silly, but snow in April... well, that's seriously depressing.

Why would BG bake a contest?

KOTBCW needs a thrown.

Odd but true, fresh, al dente lima beans are among my favorite foods. Anybody know of any cats who write recipe blogs? Cute cats wearing aprons, brandishing french whisks, and who let their kittens lick the bowls. I need to get out more.

KM- Wow... you're a brave soul. Lima beans?? Guh. I love veggies, but those have always struck me as cardboard. But then, I'm not sure I've ever had fresh ones. I'm willing to give them a try again.

Oh, ZRM, Bronwen and I are already in cahoots. KOTBCW's gonna get throne by a California girl and he's not gonna know what hit him!

I believe bronwen is already throwing everyone who looks at her.

Such a cutie.

Cookie Queens, on the other hand...

Alas. I cannot come back as of yet. Sigh. BIG sigh. I have a laptop. It has nothing on it. I have back up discs to load, but I don't have internet right now, so I can't do the updates I need to do....I HAVE NO INTERNET. Evvilll landlady says she's working on it. Phaw. Pfffft. I don't believe her.

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