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March 22, 2009


That is really cool Grizzled is in tune with your pacing... Sometimes letting the paint dry is more work than painting... Hopefully you are having a warm sunny day and can take a spring walk :-)

"Alla prima" ... I like that and I guess that's mostly how I paint. I get antsy doing still life and sitting outdoors painting natural scenes drives me nuts. I'm at my painting best (?) when I get an idea and start dabbing, splashing, smearing and jumping up and down while I paint - and nothing outside of that zone exists. I hardly notice if someone enters the studio and stands next to me when I'm in that groove. Tho there are canvases I do fuss over much as you describe for yourself. I've been doing more acrylic paintings to lessen the wait time.

Miss Jane- I don't think Grizzled has a choice. He probably even found it charming at some point, but now... well you know, familiarity breeds contempt. :)

Bill- I can fully believe you're smearing and splashing and dancing the Watusi. Your paintings are so full of movement and spontaneity. I'm more like that with sketching or if and when I do use acrylics, but I love all of the different things you can do with oil and I love that you can be fast or slow, careful or sloppy. I will never be one who goes for the uber-slow Dutch Masters' process, but I do love what some layering can do. Some underpainting popping through is pure eye candy for me. And yes, you can layer with acrylics, I just don't get as much depth... plus I've never gotten used to the color change they make when they dry.

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