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March 21, 2009



Nice! Gotta love the honey bears!

Very nice, both the growing painting and the essay.

And I'm reminded of the unique writing method of Georges Simenon. He would write his novels in two-week bursts, diving into them knowing little beyond the locale and maybe the basics of two or three characters. He would feel the time for a novel coming and then just dive in. These were not long novels, mind you, but still, two weeks? And he said that if something external in his life broke the flow, if he had to stop and go to a funeral or something, he would just abandon whatever he'd already written and forget about that would-be novel. And wait for the next one.


Nice, Jennifer! Viva la Spark, indeed!

I like your description of the Spark. Sounds familiar, it does.

Nice handling of light in the painting, so far.

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