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February 12, 2009


Very nice!
I'm so totally in agreement w/ you about vegetables. When on a plate with fish or meat I never think of the veges as the "second course". And Vertigo - an absolute favorite.

I can't help myself.....


At first I read it as "Viscous Circle", which made me laugh though.

I'm trying to stop, really I am.

How I loVe Violas. Before moVing to the city, I planted them eVery spring. Very few flowers eVer grew for me, but the Violas Vanquished common threats. For months they thriVed Voluptuously. One trick was picking them eVery eVening. I used Jose QuerVo shot glasses for Vases. Tequila shot glasses from Acambro, Mexico are a eXtra tall and slender.

LOL!! ZRM- I looked at that a million times and knew it was wrong, but then convinced myself I was thinking of the viscous as well, which also made me laugh! I changed it. Why aren't you here to spell check my early morning/late night... oh hell... all of my blogging! I'm going to turn in all of my spelling awards. They no longer apply.

KM- My mother and father always used little liqueur glasses as well. I use them too... if the rabbits haven't eaten all of the flowers. :(

Bill- Rear Vindow ees my favorite... but I wasn't sure I could make that count...

You spelled Vicodin correctly....


There's a monologue-related word that's conspicuously absent. Did the Filthbot have the day off, or will a similar word be used in the P-meme?

Yeah, yeah, yeah... just because I've got one, doesn't mean I have to use it. Wait... that didn't sound right...

AHHHH!!! The P-meme meaning just hit me. I'm scarred for life. One biblical joke about neighborly coveting and I'm scarred for life...

So do we have to aks for a letter, or is a comment enough?

You have to ask for one or I won't waste a letter... there are a finite amount.

ZRM- you get G.

I've never eaten Kholrabi but I think it's one of teh best words ever!

I'd love a letter!

How many are there? 30? 50?

K- they're fabulous when not too woody... and it is a great word.

mdh- how's about an E!

Aren't we supposed to start with RSTLN E?

I am not the Wheel of Fortune, Mandos... just for that, you get a Q...

I've never been able to think of Jimmy Stewart the same since I found out he wore a toupée. I was able to deal with John Wayne, Sinatra, Burt Reynolds, but Jimmy too? I still like his movies a lot, except now I keep noticing the damn rug, sometimes to the point of vertigo.

NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! I've read 9 million things about Jimmy Stewart... even met him once and I never knew! I'm guessing my brain was protecting me from knowing... I mean how could you possibly see him in Airport '77 and not know... :(

Maybe I shouldn't tell you this, but I too met Jimmy Stewart (in Bev Hills). Whoops, I guess I just did.

Can I have aleph?

Sorry, wrong keyboard. I'll take what's left.

Bill- was he wearing a rug?!?! :(

Snag- I think you're already getting letters, but sure... how about a U!!!

Vitamin V or my favorite, Vicotini.

Qo'noS: Klingon homeworld. 'nuff said.

qorma: My mom makes a delicious chicken qorma.

qoppa: Ancient Greek letter that fell out of favour, was sadly replaced by kappa.

qoph: Analogous letter in the Hebrew alphabet.

qaf: Analogous letter in the Arabic alphabet.

qwerty: The style of keyboard most of the world uses. I have friends who prefer Dvorak. As a lefty, I prefer anything that forces people to use their left hand more.

qin: a family of Chinese musical instruments. I like music.

qhat: People actually used to spell "what" like this. I wish we still did.

qhythsontyd: Apparently people used to call the Pentecost this. I'm not a Christian but I have to cheer anyone who spells any holiday like this.

qibla: The direction of Makkah. Well, I'm not a Christian, right?

Awesome!!! Q was given to the correct person!

Can I use any of these in Scrabble??

If you have the OED with you, you can use all of them except Qo'noS and maybe qwerty (I suspect qwerty is OK with the OED though). I couldn't tell you about lesser dictionaries, except that I know that, years ago, I used "qat" on a triple word score (a Middle Eastern drug/pastime) to stump the woman who is probably Baltimore's greatest Scrabble player (Officer "Mama" Vice of the Hopkins campus cops night shift). She didn't believe me and challenged me about it, and lost her turn because the Scrabble dictionary had "qat".

However, she still beat me by about 200 points, and repeated this victory several times over the space of the two weeks I was there. She had an amazing strategy of having no compunction about losing several turns in a row to exchange her letters. So I would be racking up a series of 15 point victories, and then she'd put down one letter on a triple word score and wipe out my gains and then some in a single blow. I tried practicing this myself, but I never quite got the hang of it and just lost points.

I always promised myself I'd go back to Baltimore and challenge Mama Vice again. But I believe Mama Vice has moved up the world and no longer does the security desk night shift. Anyway, if you ever read this Mama Vice, even though I only knew you for two weeks and you've probably forgotten me completely, I still kind of miss you.

I hope Mama Vice reads this!!! I bet she hasn't forgotten you. :)

"Q was given to the correct person!"


Mama Vice was beloved of the Hopkins student population. They used to bring her gifts on a regular basis.

But they contracted desk duties out to a private company and put her on a non-student-contact assignment:

No more late night Scrabble club.

mdh- I should have thought of that one...

Mandos- she's got it goin' on! For some reason, the image that popped into my head was "Roz" of Night Court, who was a pretty woman, but was made to look tougher and took no crap. Mama Vice looks fabulous.

Mandos forgot quahog.

Mmmmm, quahog....

Quahog is what Grizzled suggested Snag use for Q, but alas, no matter how yummy, Q was already a done deal.

For a moment I thought that was a Family Guy reference. I've never heard of clams being referred to as Quahogs. In any case a "u" is following the "q" and the whole point of my list is words that begin with "q" not followed by "u".

Jennifer, When Emus Attack!

Mandos goes Full Spelling Geek.

ZRM is following me!

I don't have any brains, ask anyone!

When Emus Attack

They're going to need a bigger boat...

How about this one?

The Karate Emu?


Crouching Tiger, Hidden Emu!

I know Mandos, but quahogs are so delicious.

That last on one was a fever dream... emus should not look so fluid...

fish- they are indeed, delicious! U or no u... well, I'm sure you're delicious as well.

Vaseline, vibrators, Viagra, virgins, and Volvos were forgotten, clearly.

Come on filthbot!

AG wants J and R. Though, y'all know what AG will write so what's the point?

AG- have at J and R!


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