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February 26, 2009


Serious Brando response: That is a wonderful story, and I think your answer about the cycle of life was very eloquent, touching, and accessible to a child. That's a nice bit of parenting there.

Standard Brando response: I feel very alive when I'm listening to Rush.

Well, that bus is not taking her to a continuance of bliss. It's more a ride through a gauntlet.

Thank you Brando.

As far as Rush goes... I'm sure if you see them in your afterlife, you'll be in heaven. If I do, I've obviously gone to hell. :)

Bill- I did notice the bus said "Buzz Kill" on the side. :(

Aaah, to be young again!

Serious Snag response: I agree with Brando. It also brings to mind a comment by a friend of mine that he has never in his life felt more alive than when he was a eight-year-old riding his bike down a steep hill.

Standard Snag response: I feel very alive when I'm screaming at my kids to leave the last piece of bacon for me.

Serious Pinko response: I'm glad you didn't go with "we're worm food, kiddo" without going whole hog on the eaven-hay.

Standard Pinko response: We're just all worm food, kiddo. What do you say to going whole on some hog? That would be heaven.

What I meant was "while also not going whole hog on the eaven-hay"

Aye. The Metra train says buzz kill on the side of it as well....especially since they discontinued the bar-car service....

To quote the Bukowski poem Blue Girl recently quoted: "Let it enfold you."

I've linked to this before, but have a little of what she is having...

Serious Snag response.

As everybody, I recognize the feeling. I still get it; most often when somebody is doing loud things to musical instruments. Recently, it has happened during the Musical Box, Soul Asylum, Okkervil River, The Mountain Goats....

And of course, last summer at Summerfest, Rush; Young Pilgrim also attended, one of his first 3 hour concerts.

But also, once in a while I get what Tom Waits called The Feel at a drafting table....

Also: Dan, Harold and Maude is one of those things that made me a Pilgrim and a Zombie. Wonderful.

I'll take responses like these. Reading the real and the silly comments from people I don't know, yet lahve, makes me feel a little more alive... that... and water coloring dissected goats!

And... the thunderstorm we had today. Ahhhhhhhhhh!

ZRM- they we placed close together, but I believe fish put up the Harold and Maude link and Dan quoted the wonderful Bukowski poem.

Nice post Jen. Don't we all wish we were that aware of being alive to the point that things glow. Great kids there.

I feel very alive when a baby is trying to push herself butt-first out of my side.

yes, Jen. Grammar zombies may not have adequate reading comprehension, and are not necessarily aware of all internet traditions.

Plus, I'd like to think there is a connection between Bukowski and Harold and Maude

I think there probably is a connection. I just wanted to give credit where credit was due. :)

K- nothing more fun than the cantilevered baby!

Rex- thanks!

I love love love this post!! Makes me want to have kids.....wait...wait...nope, it's past. I'll just enjoy everyone else's stories. This is one of the good ones!!

I love the standardized test comment!

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