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November 26, 2008


63%? Now I'm not sure that my score is high enough. From now on I'll post about nothing but logging and trucks and other manly pursuits.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Yeah, Joe.... I think that post about "Twilight" deducted from your manliness quotient...

Happy Thanksgiving to you as well.

I am 69% manly. Apparently all that cooking & gardening & shoe talk does not balance out the frequent use of the word 'porn'.

I was only 60% male! Hello, let's start with the blog title! That clearly implies an all-male subject....


I come out as 18% living....


Oddly enough, the Empire

( side note. like Sir Jennifer, when I was in college I took a career quiz, which was broken down into male/female respondents. While the results were best correlated with engineers and architects, surprising exactly no one, when filtered for gender it found I had more in common with females in each of those professions. The best fit was female architect; while I was willing to change from engineering, I felt the sex change was going a bit far. However, when submitting my URL to this goofy thing, I was anticipating needing to change the title of my blog to Fempire).

...scored 80% on the absolute scale of manly gender.

I figure AG's contributions boosted it up pretty well. O Yes I said IT!

I heard that...

Does being a female architect mean you'll be building Washington Monuments everywhere since you've got erection envy, the extreme of penis envy???

I should do my gender analysis NOW!!!!

Oh! Now they're saying only 51% male... I guess the penis envy saved me.

I should write a totally girly-girl post and see if it pushes me firmly into the estrogen territory of blogdom.

But first, I have to do female-type tasks like packing for my lamblets and finishing laundry and powdering my bosom.

... powdering my bosom.

You made me spit out my wine.

That's just not right.

OK, now get this.... and everybody sit right the hell down. Get a drink. The Minister of Hemp says smoke 'em if you got 'em, then pass 'em...

Befouled -snerk- scores as 74% Female.

All the bourbon, explosions, deep frying and meat and Snag is a Snagette.

My Zombie Mind is rocked to my Zombie Core.

I tellya, Minnesota must be atruly weird place.

We guess is written by a woman (58%), however it's quite gender neutral.

Yes. "Blue Girl" is quite gender neutral! lol.

Also meant to add -- I like those silhouettes on the test results page!

Befouled -snerk- scores as 74% Female. lol.

Befouled -snerk- scores as 74% Female.


All of that animal carcass and victual talk?? They must think Snag is Sarah Palin!

BG- I saw you were indeed...gender neutral. I found it odd that although I scored a lower male score the last time I did it, I still wasn't "gender neutral".

FYI- I manlier than fish... Pweeheeheee.... I don't know why, but I take a wee bit of glee in that.

BG- those silhouettes looked like they came straight from K-tel.

I manlier than fish

but fish write betterer than you.

Damn... I had the stupid Irish Spring commercial in my head...


I figured you were just givin a zombie something to be thankful for....

No.. I think if I had shown you I had brainz, you'd be thankful...

I forgot... Amy?? Thank you for making me feel secure in my gender rating. :)

We're mirror-images, Jen, because my blog seems to be 61% written by a woman. This is what I get for being such a sensitive guy...

O please, Sir Jennifer, it's not the brainz, its the typos....

or maybe it's the alcohol.

Don't matter.

Regarding the phallic symbolz, it's just the oppo; it's always the men who insist on columns and such. Weird, but you know, before you could buy a sports car, you had to do SOMETHING....

Also, more manly than a Really Small Fish? Small threshold, this zombee is thinkin....

Yeah, and Dan Leo is less sensitive than MooseMeister Snaggermeister... erer.

This zombee is thinkin that this web gidget needs a little tweakin. Maybe tweekin.

On the other decomposed limb, I'm guessin Snag is very secure in his sexuality. Hungry and homicidal, but secure.

Señor Blog?

I feel better, Dan! You're a sensitive guy and I'm not afraid to drop the occasional f-bomb or mow the lawn. :)

ZRM- Yeah, I know those monuments are merely men making up for... lacks... I bet Freud loved monoliths!

ok, so my current blog is 62% femme, but my old blogspot blog was 74% male.

wtf happened? Did someone slip estrogen into my coffee?

mdh!!!! LOL!!!!! You're too funny.

mdh- I have no idea what happened... maybe it was those blog bosom augmentations and those mood swings...

I'm still laughing at "Señor Blog"!!!!!

Also, more manly than a Really Small Fish? Small threshold, this zombee is thinkin....

You're lucky he seems to be awol or he'd be messing with your genes.

BG- those silhouettes looked like they came straight from K-tel.

I'm not sure what K-tel drawings are -- but I guess I like them!

K-tel did all of those compilation records and usually had some kind of dancing silhouette on the commercial. I'll have to see if I can find an image.

Oh, oh, oh!!! Wait!!! They're like the Charlie's Angels silhouettes!


i was gender neutral last night, but suddenly i became 99% female. the vagaries of identity!!! I'm so confused!!

It says my blog is 65% manly man. By using my keen aptidude with numbers, I was able to discern that 65%>63%. Jennifer was unable to see that, but perhaps that is because she is a dumb chick...

You were less manly yesterday, Señor Feesh.

He was fresher yesterday too.

Like fish, I find my blog is changing gender too. Today it is 68% female.

Methinks the analyzer is wonky.

I wonder what I'd have to do to get a higher male rating. Apparently moose butchering isn't sufficient.

Adding AG as cob-logger seemed to do it for me.


I think the percentage male directly correlates with filthbot content. I don't even want to know how RoD scores ....

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