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October 28, 2008


consider it thieved. Hopefully it will be less boring than the last time I did...

Your last one wasn't boring, RM. I merely said it was boring since you said the meme was boring. Boring is as boring does, ya know?!?

Wait, you met Gillian?

Welch or Anderson?

Long exasperated sigh...

I fixed it... I looked for typo after typo this morning, knowing the Rotten McDonald hounds would be out, but then you let one go in yesterday's post so I guess I had it coming.

This was a FUNNY one though....

just like aif is out to correct wrongness on the Internets, my calling is eradicating spelling and gramma errors throughout the Blog Cube!!

This was a good meme, too. But, I can't pick up on it like I did the other one! I have blogger's block. Shoot.

BG- Here's your meme:

Building: Blocks
Head: Block
Writer's: Block
Beta: Blocker
City Square: Block
New Kids on the: Block
Soviet: Block
Brown is the new: Block


LOL. I like "Brown is the new block." Say it. It's fun. lol

The mole on my face was: Block.

O I'm sorry for that one.

The mole on my face was block. That's why I was sure I was dying.

But, Oh! I'm here to blog another day.

She said I was an artist and she liked my use of blood.

the voices in my head say the same thing about me.

O BG, we're all dying.

Some of us faster than others.

Living well; that's the foundation for dying well. I think you're in pretty good shape on that, from what I know of you.

In Soviet Russia, block rocks you!

we have the exact same fave breakfast! do you like your hash crunchy or soft?

Mainly crunchy with a little soft... not too much soft, definitely more crunch...

I've thieved it. Enjoy.

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