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October 02, 2008


Have mercy, Jennifer.....

RM- this is probably easier to watch than tonight's debate will be. You'll be BEGGING to hear more Scissor Sisters!!!

you can respond even more if you can survive my audio torture test.

So that is what it sounds like when my soul is ripped apart...

I'm going to be well self-medicated for tonight's debacle....

Plus, there's rumors of live-blogging between me and AG over at the empire. Drunk zombie and horny Jewessa. It'll be swell!!!

Jennifer, you win!

That was the most sinful one yet.

I am not clicking on any of these. I have a delicate system.

I am not clicking on any of these. I have a delicate system.

But you read 3B's!?!?!

incomprehensibility and sink lettuce are not usually shocks to the system.

This place is getting like SadlyNo. You don't want to follow links over there, either.

sink lettuce are not usually shocks to the system

I forgot to tell everyone that there was sink lettuce at work yesterday!!!!!!

Oh my GAWD, Kathleen!! The lettuce is calling from inside the house! RUN!!!

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