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July 21, 2008


You need to see this as a fun learning adventure. Every new piece of software I get, I feel like I've gotten a present. A present of fun and discovery. Every new programming environment, every new browser, every new word processor. The only thing that annoys me is when it can't do something that I want it to.

explorer is a nightmare. I haven't used it in years. The only thing that keeps it active is that Microsoft bundles it with EVERYTHING, so all the low- information users just default to it. Lowest Common Denominator and all that...

my hands do not automatically become smaller with every new gadget.

I say, "Amen" to that, sistah! What the heck is UP with all this stuff getting tinier and tinier?

I feel your pain, Jennifer. I just *cannot* have the great attitude Mandos is showing up above. I like my stuff to stay the way it is. All dependable, comfy and reliable.

I even hate it when bloggers I love change their blog's design. Man oh man. Leave stuff alone.

All that being said, know you'll eventually get used to it. Stinks in the meantime, though.

Is this font different than what you used before? I swear it is and I like it.

I/E is getting worse and worse by the day. I used to like it. Now I generally only use Firefox unless at work or on the fly.

Mandos- I feel that way about a lot of stuff, but not this. It leaves me feeling cranky.

BG- We should start a revolt. On top of it, many of the small gadgets are not nail-friendly either.

AG- I have no idea what is up with this. I just downloaded my beloved Firefox to the new computer, but have no idea why my blog looks completely different. I have the same monitor... My font is different in the body of my post from the comments. My center column is smaller. I don't know. This is why I hate this stuff. Just give me my old format/size, etc.

Is it because it's a computer? If so, think of yourself as a character in an SF novel.

What Mandos says.

Dearest Jen, I hope it makes you feel better to know that your blog looks just as comfortably the same as always on my Mac's Firefox. I'm totally with you and BG though -- I mean we spend months getting stuff set up just the way we like it, all comfy cozy, and goddammit, and that's the way we like it! It's cool if we make our own changes as we go along, but decidedly uncool when things just get changed for us willy nilly. It's like waking up in someone else's house.

It'll get better gradually, but for now, go ahead and be cranky!

Try Ctrl + or Ctrl -. They scale the fonts up and down one 'level' It might help with the depth of field issue. I think it works on MS Explorer, piece of garbage that it is.

Try punching your computer. That'll change the font. Even if it doesn't you'll feel better.

The alternative is the computer can make a nice coaster and planter.

I ctrl+ on every website. My eyes are old.

Your problem? Not enough cookies.

What a great picture, MD!!

Kathleen- my eyes are old and I keep waiting for the computer to adjust for my astigmatism when I say, "Better one!" It doesn't. :-p

Snag- I tried that.

AG- I'm willing to try that.

Idyllopus- you're lucky your a computer nut. :)

mdh- I've done that and that does help with sizing, but not with clarity of font or thickness of font. Something about the new "look" is just messing with my eyes even after I get a proper sized font.

JRSF- I'm back to Firefox, but the frickin' way it looks is still messing with me. I'll be insane soon.

Does anyone out there where glasses?? Have you ever had a pair that they tell you is right and yet you wear them and know they aren't and you get a headache in just one eyeball?? That's where I'm at. I don't get it, but I'm thinking moving back to a cave with some sticks and stones computer might be the way to go.

Ladies and gentlemen, I bring you, the Macquarium.

You might also change the default fonts for Firefox. > Preferences, Content Tab, then I mess around within the Advanced tab until it looks reasonable (or I get a headache).

I feel for you though. I get attached to a certain look and feel, and when it changes unexpectedly I adapt slowly.

I deal so poorly with blog change that I sometimes go back to the old 3Bulls on Blogger just for nostalgia purposes.

And also because the content seems newer than on the other blog...

i hate all software too.

in a related note, is anyone here passing out any bourbon?

no, but I did spend part of my vacation on the Bourbon Trail. I haven't blogged about it yet.

I thought I was the only control plusser. Sigh.

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