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June 13, 2008


Many, many thanks.

And just to reiterate, gifts are really not necessary. We have been showered with numerous hand-me-downs and gifts already. We just want to celebrate the occasion with our blog friends.

Oh man! I wish I woulda thought of "Baby's First Ghost Melon."


Can't wait. Much luck and love to TLB!! Sending good vibes her way.

And you, too, Brando. But, you got the easy part.

I have an extra "Baby's First Evil Clown Painting". I'm happy to send it ASAP. Or I can send cash. Either way.

Humorous gifts will definitely be welcome.

I hope they make a Danny Gans talking action figure!

Wait, it too late to hire a surrogate to do this part?

Thanks for organizing this, Jennifer. We will need all the moral support we can get this week.

And that you shall get, TLB. We are all in this together and TBD is going to have more aunties and uncles than s/he/bird knows what to do with!

everytime i read "TBD" i snort invisible milk out of my nose.

If I'm ever an expectant dad, I am SO using that, as I wouldn't want to know the sex of my potential child before the day. I think knowing the weather a week in advance is a good thing, but some experiences are lessened by an early reveal.

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