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May 02, 2008


You can send the Typepad people a "help" question. I've done it several times and they are very good at getting back to you in a reasonable time. Other than that, God knows I can't help at all. You know I'm afraid of doing anything that might break my blog.

Thank you for the link AND the blogrolling!

At the same time, I said, " Instead of a sense of entitlement, I believe we have a sense of responsibility and service."

Why do you distort my words? Do remember that I will be judging cookies next Bake Off.

BG- I'll try TypePad help.

OPB- You're welcome. Sorry for the delay. It should have gone up sooner.

And your post was great. I thought maybe people would go over if they thought you were merely entitled and needed to be brought down a notch. I thought I'd let them discover your valor on their own. :)

As for the Bake-Off... one win was enough for me. I think I've hung up my crown for good.

I know, delete your entire blogroll and then do it all over again, but remember to put me on first! (Blue Girl can go second.)

I did the best I could for ya, Dan.

(Blue Girl can go second.)

I heard that.

It needs to be wrapped in fish paper.

wait, no participation in this year's bake off? Really?

My empty threats are even emptier now. Damnit.

You should rank them by the number of moose references.

excellent work! That is a wicked cute hat!

it's kind of funny though. The randomness is sublime.

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