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May 01, 2008


Jennifer, I thought I saw dimples in a couple of pictures you put up. Certainly you were all dimples and big round white glasses when you were little.
If hindsight weren't so deceptive (why do people say it's 20/20?), I'd swear I saw dimples on you before you showed up in those white glasses or hugging Tiny Tim. It seems I saw your dimples the first time I read Saying Yes...
Call it hindsight, which never fails, and I'm psychic.

You may have seen some, Kathleen, but I believe I was sitting on the others. :)

Jennifer, did my dog go running through your blogroll? Cuz it's all kattywampus.

kattywampus!!! That is a word my mother uses all the time and when I do, Grizzled makes fun of me saying it's not a word!

I don't know what TypePad did! I added a site today and could NOT get it to go back to alphabetical. It's done this a time or two before, but I don't get it... this is what shows up more or less no matter how I structure it.

I didn't know there was a Freud channel. I really should get cable.

Kattywampus? Is this some bizarre midwestern language? You people scare me.

Kattywampus? Is this some bizarre midwestern language? You people scare me.

lol. I can assure you it's not midwestern by nature, because I've never heard of the word before! It's cute though. I'll give it that.

These regional adjectives are making my fragile language centre go all skewampus.

Kattywampus is definitely a word, simply implying an incorrect orientation. Skewampus I believe adds a layer of having to take it apart and put it back together before it's right.

Can I get a regional adjective check in aisle 5?

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