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April 08, 2008


I love these celebrity dreams. I love how our unconscious just has no mercy at all. I mean, David Guest?

I had one last week that featured Pinko Punko. Even though I've never seen him.

Is he a celeb?

In any case, I'm extremely worried.

Dan- I know. It's like you can choose from anyone... ANYONE, but do I get a John Cusack or a Robert Redford? Noooooooo, I get Mr. Madame Truffaud... :-p

JRR- that is kind of scary. Was he wearing his red trackies?? He does have a certain "fame" for lack of a better word. My lamblets now refer to the junk food aisle as the Pinko Punko aisle. They say they love shopping with PP and wonder what horrors I'll allow them to buy just because Pinko Svengali said to.

"Sure! We'll buy the Spicy Sweet Habanero Mole Twinkies!!!"

Is the fluoride mixed with hallucinogens in your city's water system?

david guest? are you sure?

surely you gest!

hopefully David Gest will appear next time I having a nightmare about zombies.

A mole of twinkies is a lot of twinkies. Put end to end, it would look like this.

I am certain it is a dream to be treasured!

Perhaps this weeks lesson is painting with condiments and basting tools?

mdh- Very funny! I already have this weeks agenda set up, but will consider it for next week.

fish- I stopped dealing with that kind of mole when I gleefully left my last chemistry class. My mole should have had an accent, but I was having a braincramp and couldn't remember how to do it.

Nice Twinkie pathway!

I had one last week that featured Pinko Punko. Even though I've never seen him.

That's happened before among The Community. I had one involving AG, UC, and Res (before I met UC and AG). I think someone else (Blue Girl?) may have had one about bloggers she hasn't met.

this is the best kind of mole.

You're dreams are something else, Jennifer. Most peoples' dream are a big bore to everyone but the dreamer. But yours? A psychedelic movie for us all. Maybe it's the way you write about them, which, believe me, is a rare gift.
Writing about dreams generally belongs to a category much like writers writing about how hard it is to be, um, a writer. Really.

Yours are spooky little masterpieces. What does Karla say?

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