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March 09, 2008


It jumped onto your hand? IT JUMPED ONTO YOUR HAND!?!?!?!?

YES! If only I hadn't flinched and if only I were holding peanuts. They're on my shopping list. I'll be spending tomorrow hanging out by the bird feeder. :)

I tell you, being that close to those cute and bizarre little birds was just amazing.

Awww...nice, Jen.

Very, very cool for both you and the Lamblets!

I'm not sure if I've ever had a nuthatch experience. I've had an owl experience recently. One was staring at BK and I through the front window during the Oscars. When Marion Cotillard won for Best Actress, he said, "Who?"

... and the owl wasn't alone. :)

Owl sightings, whether film critic owls or not, are always impressive. I tell you though, the nuthatches have won me over. They're really jovial and... kinda nuts!

I can't wait to see what Fish says about Jennifer having a Nuthatch experience in her hand.

Hey! Don't be harshing my holy bird experience! It was pure and wondrous and wasn't tawdry in the least, no matter what fish says. Besides, fish are always jealous of fowl. I'll take anything he says with a grain of salt.

I got plenty of experience with nuts. Some of whom have tried to jump me.

I am glad to see that I have damaged Kathleen so badly, that she now sees pr0n everywhere. I was more surprised by Jennifer describing the birds as TCB right in front of her.

The nuthatch is what all my neighbors call my house.

I've always had fairly regular visits from white breasted nuthatches lured in by the suet feeder but last year for the first time i saw brown-headed nuthatches. Before seeing them & looking them up, i didn't even know they existed. Talk about adorable! And then, this winter, for the first time, i've had a regular pair of red-breasted nuthatches as well. So, from my experience, i'd have to say that yes, they coexist quite happily.

They weren't taking care of that kind of business, ya perv! They were just doing cute little nuthatchy things!

Thank you mustang sally! These are the first of any that I've seen. I've mainly seen the red-breasted ones, but as I said, I realized the one in the photo looked more like the white. They are indeed, adorable.

I am damaged. I woke up trying to make a quip out of "A nuthatch in the hand is worth two in the bush."

Kathleen- yes, you are damaged! May I suggest the purifying qualities you'll receive spending time in the wonderful world of nuthatches.


And yes, you can get them to take seeds from your hand! (Sunflower seeds work very well.) The trick is to be quiet and patient, and it doesn't hurt if the feeder needs filling (so the seeds on your hand are more tempting.)

Good luck! :)

I have to be careful about how close I get to nuthatches.

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