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February 27, 2008


Is the writers' strike over? Are we ever going to get new episodes of As the Painting Class Turns? Do I have to go to Netflix and re-watch all the past episodes?

fish, for as much as I would like to unload about painting class, my paranoia is not on strike. A search that was done not too long ago had me certain one of them had found the blog. I don't think some of my commentary would go over to well.

PS- if you don't hear from me again, you'll know they got the better of me....

Off I gooooooo! :-0

My recent CDC beats this one handily.

Poor Brendan -- it's true, he is flirting with the C-list these days, isn't he? I mean, Casey Affleck is getting lead roles now! It's nice to see Brendan's taking it all in good grace though.

Several years after graduating I got drunk with my guidance counselor. That's when I learned everything that would have been useful in high school.

I don't think she was Brendan Fraser though.

Amazingly, I have also had a B.F. dream in the past in which he was just a cool average guy. I believe I had just seen the Mummy.

If he is indeed low on work, maybe he's filling in as the Sandman.

actually peeps, Mr. BF has two big movies coming out this year. Inkheart and Journey to the Center of the Earth. Expect to see his adorable mug everywhere. Glad you got in some chilling time with him while he was free Jennfier!

BF does have an adorable mug. You could dream of worse, Jennifer.

Kathleen, is BF teleporting in these new movies of which you speak?

This sounds 1000% more believable than The Mummy Returns.

BG - don't tease me so.

Jennifer, Brando looks remarkably like Brendan Fraser. Which is probably why I always liked BF.

Brendan Fraser has resorted to the most insidious advertising of them all. If I have a dream about him tonight, I might have to sue. Damn it, get out of my head, Brendan Fraser!!!!!


how come you didnt send your dream in? Not cool. -5000 points. Also, everyone else, send your dreams in.

Anybody else seen Gods and Monsters? Why Brendan Fraser isn't better regarded as a dramatic actor is one of the great mysteries of our time.

Snag - "I don't think she was Brendan Fraser though."
Hello Mrs. Robinson.

Now Pinko, I am sorry, but somewhere in your archives is a comment from me about said dream. I was only able to recall it here because I had written it down there. Unfortunately, that's about all the clarity I ever get on what I dream about. A sentence or two at most. Occasionally an image. Brandon Frazier in a George of the jungle/Mummy outfit, being chill.

I guess I'll move the DVD player into the bedroom tonight and see what happens.

I guess I'll move the DVD player into the bedroom tonight and see what happens.

That sounds just a wee bit tawdry. :)

Jennifer, Brando looks remarkably like Brendan Fraser.

I've seen the joke video of Brando's. His head isn't that big.

Action: cease and desist. It has come to the attention of Disney Inc. that one Ms. Jennifer has once again infringed upon Disney Inc.'s intellectual property rights. It is well known that Brendan Fraser's most beloved role was in George of the Jungle, which we must now remind you is the sole (and soul) intellectual property rights of Disney Corporation. Because Mr. Fraser did not read the, ahem, fine print of his contract, he had unwittingly signed over all future uses of his physical presence in all forms of media, including dreams. Had this been the first offense of using Disney's intellectual property in Ms. Jennifer's dreams, we would be our usual understanding all-pervasive corporate selves, but as this is a second infraction, we now demand that Ms. Jennifer turn over all her past dreams and future dreams for a period of 10 years so that we can monitor any additional usage of Disney property. You have 48 hours to comply with this order. Failure to do so will result in severe repercussions. Let's just say however much someone might like the song (and we know you all do, no one really wants to hear "It's a small world after all" played over and over in their head every time they go to sleep...


Failure to do so will result in severe repercussions.

I would have thought it might result in severe concussions...

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