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February 18, 2008


Oh my God, if that wasn't the *perfect* three sentences for this group, I don't know what is!

If there's one thing that's lacking in this world it's cheese saluting!


President, Cheese of All Nations.


"Salute to Cheese" is just awesome. I am sure fish can make it dirty.

I responded.

BG- I almost felt like I must have gotten Snag's 3 sentences...

Kathleen- thanks for accepting the unsolicited goose. As for fish, I'm sure he's aware of the sullying that needs to be done.

I'm about to start this, which is a new one for me, Jen.
A few months ago, though, I started a sister blog to Diary of a Heretic. It's Diary of a Heretic Reviews and Memes.
I've put up a few reviews, answered requests, and done a few memes--but no one visits this new blog! On the original, there's a link in the far side-bar, saying click HERE, if anyone wants to get there fast. I use it more than anyone else I think because the URL is a snare for people with my kind of typophilia.

KM! I had no idea about the sister blog. I realized you had changed some of the format on the old one, but I am happy to hear about the new one as well. I'll be visiting! Your other site has now been added to my blog roll as has your husband's.

I believe the dirty version is called The Cheese Salute.

I have obeyed my meme master and responded. My version stars Bruce Willis.

Nope, too gross.

goosey goosey gander!

will do it later tonight... been a bit busy lately. fending off emu hordes is hard work!

this book has the world's best lasagna recipe in it (if you leave out the chicken livers). be sure to double the sauce amount though-the one in the book is too skimpy for the amount of pasta and cheese--also the linguine bolognese is fabulous. i am a cook of 45 years and am looking for a copy of this book--i lost mine years ago!

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