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February 03, 2008


This was supposed to be our secret.


Sorry Stress Doll...

Tom has completely eliminated the reactive mind and has achieved OT IX or greater, hence he can control matter and spin it with his finger.

LOL at this dream. Jennifer I really don't even know what you look like but can't stop picturing you sledding the whitewater on your stomach. Zoom! Zoom!

I think Mr. Cruise takes up too much space in our subconscious. I've posted about a dream of him, you did and my best friend told me a dream she had about him awhile ago that was hysterical.

BG- Don't forget sledding the white water in a CAR! I prefer my dream from the other night where I was the conductor on the El and James Earl Jones was doing the voice overs of my dream.

Mandos- I think you're right. I'm surprised I didn't start spinning and levitating by the mere fact I was dreaming about him.

Mike Rowe could kick Tom Cruise's crazy little ass.

Plus, I had Buffalo Tom.

BP- I'd take a dream involving Mike Rowe over Tom any day. It's just, he wasn't in my dream... he was in yours and frankly, I was getting a little jealous seeing that in 3B's line-up!

Whatever you had for dinner last night? You might consider removing it from your diet.

It wouldn't matter, Snag. That's just how my dreams roll.

first one who now dreams of Tom and Nicole Elf ornaments wins!!

or in this case, loses.

I want those ornaments now! I can still see them!

could they be constructed from snack foods?

Maybe from Circus Peanuts...

Jennifer, you must stop reading People magazine in the supermarket check-out line!

The imagery is totally awesome!! And your sense of humor certainly shines through... I wonder if the Coen Brothers started out this way.

Dan- I've been busted!

MJ- thanks for the high praise! I'm guessing the Coen Bros started a tad younger than me, but I'll take the compliment just the same.

Was Michael Jackson and Tito with Martin B.?

I do recall a man with a partial nose and a surgical mask. He was carrying a large sport fish, was walking next to a dictator, was speaking of a first lady... I'm not sure if any of this is germane...


This makes much more sense than Vanilla Sky.


Cameron should have purchased the rights to my dreams instead.

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