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January 23, 2008


LOVE LOVE LOVE the drawings! I think Frank should be Prince instead of King. Thank you!

I love those drawings! They're just great. Kudos to the kiddos.

Strangely enough, I want fish on a stick.

So awesome. The jail image at the bottom right of the cartoon says so much.

I gather from her drawing that Frank might prefer a fish. Frank actually looks like he's mesmerized by the thought of fish...

We are not amused.

Fish, Frank-o does not like fish. He prefers his food to come from a bag in small pellets and/or in a mushy, unrecognizable texture from a can.

based on that drawing Frank should be Prince of Whales!!!

Despite the assertions of Ishmael, whales are not blessed enough to be fish. Disgustingly hot blood.

Just as long as the lamblet doesn't sktech a coat. ONLY JILLIAN CAN MAKE COATS!!!

Biggle Boggle™ (It's alt-2 on my mac) is hillarious!

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