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January 31, 2008


His life has been an unbroken series of wrongnesses, epic in its wrongheadosity.

Thw Wrongheads have a King, and it is George.

I totally agree with this post, although I do think, if I were looking to understand a piece of art, it would be a really good technique to first find out what GWB thought and then believe the exact opposite.

Jennifer, I'm going to print this out and show it to the people who laugh at me when I explain how Ziggy is about Bolshevism.

I want to hear more about that one, Brando!

Do tell Brando.

Good point Brando. And don't forget the unholy infatuation with necrophilia found in early vintage Erma Bombeck.

To me the painting is just like Bush.... I can't relate to it positively no matter how I try to look at it.

I can tell you about Ziggy, but you have to put your tinfoil hats on. Otherwise the government will hear us.

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