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January 30, 2008


so i guess you don't want me to find and
mail the photos of the 12-foot across spider webs on the wrought-iron
bridge over the delaware that i promised you?


You squashed Howard Bugsell!!

why do I have the feeling that fish is going to have a "Famous Toupees of the Animal Kingdom" link in his back pocket?

First, it is bad luck to kill crickets, and second, what spiders do in piles is NOT lie in wait to jump on your face, it is to lay thousands upon thousands of eggs. I also hear that spiders like Claire cookies.

So I guess you won't be waiting in line to see Spider-Man IV?

Spider-Man IV - The Intravenousing.

I kind of wish it were some prehistoric gargantuan lamblet-eating spider that you smote, because how cool would that be to stomp it to death!!! Anyway that cricket got what it had coming to it. Well done.

LOL@Kathleen. I can spot a bad toupee... I should have known it was an insecure cricket.

Pinko- I didn't kill a cricket on purpose, I killed a prehistoric lamblet-eating spider!! And thanks for putting my mind to rest. I'm now wondering where all of the hidden egg sacs are... however, nice way to sneak in a Claire-cookie jab. You haven't lost it. :)

Dan- I'm thinking along the same lines as Snag... I'd probably need a sedative IV after seeing the movie.

Snag- you should copyright that title now.

Thanks UC. I fully agree. I'm sorry about the loss of cricket life, but if you act like a scary spider in my house... well, you'll be treated like one, which usually means I run, but this time... well, I had to take action.

if you act like a scary spider in my house... well, you'll be treated like one, which usually means I run


I can relate.

Take that! scary spider! That'll show ya!

Oooooops! Sorry about the tag!

Cricket Shatner.

Just here to chew a little scenery.

Jennniiiiffffffuuuurrrrrrr, you misssseeeeedddd meeeeeeeeee.........

why do I have the feeling that fish is going to have a "Famous Toupees of the Animal Kingdom" link in his back pocket?

You mean like this?

BG- I got it. The tag, not the spider. I'm glad I'm not the only one who runs!!!

Cricket Shatner... lol!

fish- you're E-VILLE!!!! But the second link is kind of funny. :)

fish- I was just thinking... if I had found Bolton in my office, I'd have kicked his ass, no problem.

This is the best parable about the War on Terror ever.

Definately the funniest thing i've heard in a while. I just can't help thinking about how scared that poor wigged out little cricket must have been of you!!

You are hereby banned from The Genius Residence, Jennifer.

And stop peeking in my windows!

Your evil plot failed Fish, for I kept my eyes averted from the screen as your link loaded, with my cursor on the 'x'. Therefore, your horror failed to horrify. I am not so naive as you may think.

of course I am talking about John Bolton.

Interesting slant, Brando.

MJ- I felt bad for the cricket after I stomped it. Still... it might have been conspiring with the enemy.

Chuckles- no offense to Helob... I just don't want to see Helob... EVER!

Kathleen- I sent this to Dr. fish.

Funny, I have the same reaction to crickets but no such reaction to spiders. Crickets remind me too much of roaches. Spiders mostly seem benign to me.

Here is another therapeutic way to promote the stomping of spiders:

I dilly dallied and that mean rabbit stole my ice cream cone!!! And then... I stomped on some spiders, but the 4th one kicked me! It kicked me and I was kaput! Harrumph. I think I'm more upset with the ice cream-thieving rabbit!!!

But isn't the spider stomping the absolute best? That rabbit is very very mean. It feels good to get the ice cream back in the end. Also snail golf is challenging and fun.

hey UC... add me on kong, if you're a member.

this goes for any of you crazy ppl out there on kongregate :)

LOL @ Kathleen!

CURSES my evil plan was foiled again.

AIF, I've never registered, but will look into it. I generally even half-ass playing on Kongregate.

Did I ever mention that Plover loves spiders?

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