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January 03, 2008


Yeah, well those are wonderful sentiments and all and Grizzled seems like a really terrific kind of guy, but WHO WON?!?!?!? I am pretty sure I nailed it.

Grizzled is obviously a far nicer and more thoughtful person than any of us.

Along those same lines, what's the fun of being on a jury if there's no capital punishment and you can't pick the defendant?

I'm on a brief break from civic duty... I ran to Grizzled's office before I go back and find out how long they own me... one trial or one day. Let's hope for one day or less.

As for who won, fish... you must get AG on board. You have a way with her. Promise her a night with yourself and I'm guessing we'll get anything we need from her.

Oops, that wasn't Grizzled... just his computer.

Grizzled is obviously a part of the Cookie Conspiracy as he did not deny that he is part of the Cookie Conspiracy.

Very good AG knowledge G-unit! Bravo.

News Flash though: AG dumped Fish over his lack of cookies. The only thing he won was a relationship ender...

I can only promise AG to not mention chili dogs anymore.

People, taken individually, are quite fetching.

It's taken as a group that the Hu-Mans become alarming. I sometimes wish to follow the Ro-Man into a cave with a shortwave radio and a bubble machine, wear an alarming amount of fur with inappropriate headgear, and wait for the giant lizards to exterminate the race....

Aw Grizzled, you SO aren't the Maris Crane of this blog!

Grizzled is obviously a part of the Cookie Conspiracy as he did not deny that he is part of the Cookie Conspiracy.


Very nice and sweet guest post from Grizzled. Although I was a total slacker and didn't get myself to the UPS Store in time.

Is there a category in this year's bake-off for good intentions?

I think there should be.

I would win it all!!!!!

I'm free! I'm free! I was on the jury, answered all questions in a stellar fashion and they excused me! Even the people around me said they were surprised. They thought I was trapped.

Congrats Jennifer. Did you tell them that you thought OJ was innocent?

I didn't think Grizzled was Maris, but now I think he's Charlie of Charlie's Angels.

You know there are 3 (mostly) non-blogging spouses (spices?) I'm a little in love with: Grizzled, The Skimmer and Mr. Shakes.
They're just too sweet for words.

Grizzled is Roger Maris?

If I ever need an image of Grizzled, I take the screenname and imagine a guy walking to and from a log cabin with your bear friend Ben in tow.

If i had to I'd say Grizzled is more the Norm Peterson of the Blog. We all know his name, and whenever he comes in he says something clever.

and, just to offer a surprising factoid, I learned two days ago that Nick Lowe actually wrote 'what's so funny 'bout peace love and understanding?', but Elvis Costello took it and made it his own and brought it to the people.

Shayera- Grizzled is honored to have you as a groupie and is happy to be in such good company. :)

Brando- that must have been it. I honestly don't know what got me off, but I'm glad I am.

Snag- have another bourbon.

mdhatter- Grizzled said he was aware that Nick Lowe wrote that. He then referred to him as the laziest man in rock and roll (according to Rolling Stone). I'm guessing Nick doesn't care.

On reading that lovely letter, I have that distinct "Mandos wins" feeling. Of course, I always have the distinct "Mandos wins" feeling.

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