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January 09, 2008


You'll be hearing from my solicitors!

Actually, I plan on partaking in the Initial Brando Offering (IBO) as well, and am prepared to pay top dollar.

I hope you consult with us first.

I would like to buy a liver. Mine's shot.

I am sticking with solid investing in military contracts and Ovaltine.

You're all screwed, because I have the exclusive rights! I've owned them since 1994, and you can't have them! Nyah nyah nyah.

You guys need to start anti-trust proceedings against TLB.

i think i'm going to start indexing Brando derivatives. what's a subprime?

TLB is correct, I am her intellectual property, among other things.

indexing Brando derivatives

Eww. I think TLB would *really* have a problem with that.

You know what I am going to say, don't you?

Perhaps TLB would be interested in a lend-lease arrangement.

Snag, she already did rent-to-own for seven years before paying off her balance.

I'll sell Zelmo cheap.

Yes, but do you own Zelmo?

He's a timeshare.

BP- I don't want to buy a man, you goober! I've got a man, baby! I merely saw the financial windfall that was possible from owning Brando's wit. Does Zelmo have that kind of wit? Hmmm? If so, I'll think about buying rights to him.

Besides, I'm guessing Disney already owns him as well.

And I'm not going to index anyone's derivatives... at least not without gloves.

No, I'm just trying to make a little easy cash. I figured AG, at least, would be likely to want another manservant.

How about the futures market? I'd guess TLB and Brando have that taken care of already...

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