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January 06, 2008


The Committee for Dream Appropriation will rule at a later date.

Ah, the dream of still being stuck in school. I wonder what all these home-schooled kids will dream about when they're older? About still being stuck at home? And what if they really are still stuck at home?

Excuse me, I have to go read all of Shakespeare's comedies in one night and then write that term paper that was due last week, provided I can find the right classroom to deliver it to.

This is a cease and desist order. We insist that you no longer have dreams that contain Pixar (and by extension forever, Disney) characters. You have violated copyrights of one Walt Disney who has legal rights to all Pixar characters images and dialog that were not specifically retained by Pixar Animation Studios. As you had an extended conversation with Geri(s) during your dream, this clearly extends well beyond "fair use" considerations, and besides, we here at Disney Inc. hate fair use, we prefer fare use. You have 5 days to remove this dream from your head or face legal actions.

excellent comment. pitch perfect.

It's too late... The dream is now stuck in my head too!!


MJ- look out, Disney will be after you as well. :)

I think it means that you are obviously late in your Judgely duties.

Get those cookie results moving! There's an awards ceremony to prepare for!

Blue Girl will be distraught. I'm sure she's preparing an awesome video for the winner.

My results have been tallied for some time, Mr. Banshee Pilgrim!

And!! I'm actually shifting them from that old school method known as pencil and paper and am putting them on AG's hot 'n happenin' Excel spreadsheet as we speak! So there. :-p

I will say this, although Grizzled and I had some different opinions, our numbers are pretty close. This is going to be a close race.

Only geeks use Excel. bleh. I want to see a database, that includes trash talkin and bad videos.

All we can say for sure is that BG and Chuckles have scored the same. And that is funny, right there.

Only geeks use MySQL and R. Not that I, um, know.


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