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January 18, 2008


The suspense! It is unbearable!

Why? We already know I won.

It's in AG's hands?

We are ALL screwed.

No one bribed harder than us.

now billy, AG is incredibly competent and I trust her judgement as well as the UC's sheer ability to consume. It's her wee cruel streak that I'd consider. Proper compliments take time. No offense AG, it's beyond endearing.

pwn3d again.

The suspense has killed me, or rather I have been extincted waiting for this.

Thank you, mdHatter. It's nice to have a friend on these cold here blogs.

Billy, seriously?!!

Um, AG has been VERY sick as of late. I nearly died, thank you. No seriously -- I had to be put on more than 1700 mg BID of Arithro. That is not good. Nietze kiet!

Then my computer cord was left in PHL, I had to park in the $14/day lot and I LOST my keys last night at 11 PM in the FREEZING cold on my Bubie's birthday.

AG almost hung herself, thank you!


Thanks again to Jennifer being the most fun Queen. It was a blast.

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