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January 21, 2008


Hooray to Jennifer for doing amazing posts, summaries, and hard work. It's not easy being Queen, and I can only hope that Claire does half the job next year that Jennifer did this year.

Claire made it work!

Long Live Claire!

Hooray in deed. Thanks for the linky love. I need to link peeps on RoD, but our new blog is taking some getting used to. The post is all messed up in the spacing...I am working to fix it.

Please remain calm and press #2 to speak to a live operator.

Congrats to Queen Claire and 1st Runner-up Judges, Team Chi.

I will send the score sheet probably tomorrow because my eyes are heavy and I have a 9AM BS meeting tomorrow.

Maybe I should have been more into Project Runway.

Personally, I am honored to be sharing second RU with The Track Suite One. Mainly becuz we both annoy the SHIT out of AG.

Oh, and well done Claire. grumble grumble.


Wow! A comment from Invisible Friend, Zelmo!!!

Yes, Team Z did rock.

The judges did an exceptional job. The write-ups were highly entertaining, and the fact that the four of you took three years off of your lives to eat all those calories is a triumph of the human spirit. I hope Claire and Team C have health insurance for next year.

annoy the SHIT out of AG

First of all, this is a family blog. One more outburst like that and you will be the Vanessa Williams of the bake-off and stripped of your title, mistah. So keep your Speedos on. Jerkwad.

Secondly, AG would have to acknowledge PP's existence to be annoyed. Given that she only notices him three times a year: his birthday (it's the same day as AG father and therefore she reminds UC and in doing so, recognizes his right to breathe), AG's birthday (which the effer did not recognize this year. Jerkhole.) and when he loses a bake-off (That would be two and counting for those interested. Shall we go for three Pinks?)

Third, BP you got yer arse banned for baking. That will NEVER happen again. Hope you enjoyed it. Furthermore, it's not like you know the taste of Ben's Chilibowl because Claire is QoC, not you. So suck it up, dude. You lost. It's over. Oh-Veere. Neener, neener, neener...

Because AG will be a judge again and your day of judging wrath will come. Just you wait.

Oh hellz yeah it will!

Brando, is Baby B. baking next year? You send pics of that kid and it will be like Claire's tipping point with the Polaroids of Frank.

AG hearts that Frank!

I didn't know porn was allowed.

Shouldn't Chuckles have won then?

Porn was allowed BP if it was picture of someone kissing AG's ass.

Exactly Jennifer. Exactly.

Furthermore you dirtee bird BP, Frank is a cat. Don't be a piglet like your brethern.


TBD's participation next year is TBD.

Kitty Porn?

BP- Kitty Porn or questionable hygiene practices??

By the way, I'm allergic to Kitty Porn. And thanks in advance for all of the fun Google searches that will now end up here...

We'll be shutting this blog down now.

Why am I hearing Al Stewart's "Year of the Cat" right now?

Because you're a dream kitten, Pinko. :)

Hey now, the polaroid of Frank was perfectly PG. You're just jealous BP.

Thanks for the love Jennifer, my mother is so proud. (And do the lamblets know how much I love them??)

Claire is right, the photo of Frank was totally PC! It was very Rhett Butler-ish!

The lamblets do know and it's right back at ya! They have congratulatory plans for you. :)

I demand a recount.

I do not concede.

Chucks, you must submit cookies in order to be in the running. Edible cookies at that. But just think, now you have a year to perfect your frosting.

Just wanted to say how encouraging and kind you were to Team Chicago, us being first-time entrants into this Cookie Carnage. We humbly accept First Runner Up(s) and look forward to serving our term. Thank you, and good night.

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