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December 20, 2007


We would have delivered from Milwaukee, too, except for that Restraining Order.

I blush. Thanks! I'm glad you liked them! (And look for a von-blog to link to, coming in 2008)

I can't wait for the new arrivals. I was super sledged by the chocolate hammer of PP/GC last night, but am looking forward to Team Chicago, Snag, and MenD's goodness. Poor AG will not get to have any malted milk ball cookies, because those are going esophogeal the second I open the box ....

Malted Milk Ball Cookies??!!

*I* totally bow to THAT!

I want some!

BG - As soon as this cookie carnage is over, I'll be all nice again. I will provide you with the recipe! I would send you some now, but they are a favorite around here, and they're all gone....

cookie carnage is right. i feel a distinct attraction towards the computer screen right now

BG- they're good. They're mellow, sweet and salty with a hint of malt. Mmmmmm.

aif, I wish I could share some with you. There's more than enough.

UC- Pinko's chocolate hammer was indeed a hammer, but was very sophisticated.

Oh Team Chicago, you totally misspelled RULEZ. I'm really disappointed.

I would like so say that there are ways of getting male into a cookie without smashng up innocent, loving malt balls. I also accuse Team Chicago of laying claim to the Team of Destiny mantle and I shall throw of their weighty yoke and lift my head proudly, after slaking my thirst on the blood of their cookie corpses!!!!!!!

Oh, but the malt balls I used were far from innocent and loving. I did the world a favor, crushing up those bad boys. And yeah, I enjoyed it.

PP why do you assume the malt balls are male? Is that question answered within the question itself? Or not?

and not overpowering with sweetness as malted milk balls can sometimes be.

I have no idea what this sentence means. I can under stand each word individually, but strung together like this they lose all meaning.

fish- I cranked this out in the wee-hours without enough coffee and with too much residual sugar in my blood. Cut me some slack. At least these people baked... and at least I'm attempting to keep up with their effort and generosity. If you want to get all Miss Doberstein on me and whap my knuckles with your yardstick, go ahead, but it's not a sentence-structure-off.

/cry. my cookies were supposed to arrive yesterday.


Ok- Dr. fish emailed me and let me know his issue was not with my poor sentence structure, but was with my questioning malted milk balls being sweet. I had thought that, but then my blood sugar roller coaster took over and I lashed out... Dear Gawd! I'm only on entry #3!!! I need a broccoli intervention.

You tell him Jennifer!

I will win by shipping a dozen bottles of insulin. Take that BAKERS!!!

fish- that's been your diabolical plan all along, hasn't it?!?!

15 years of post secondary education ought to be good for something...

Team Chicago arrived yesterday, and AG was already all over those, but I'll leave her to make her own judgements. From my end, this was an incredibly strong entry and proof that great things can happen in teamwork. The pumpkin bars were my favourite. I didn't have the problem that Jennifer did with too much sweetness, and found the sophisticated flavours all balanced nicely. The texture of the bar was just heavenly, and I am having a hard time letting AG have at the 2nd bar. The malted milk ball cookies were very interesting. I kind of expected them to have more malted ball crunchiness, but instead they were infused with malted ball flavour in a nice all-round cookie form. I do worry that Von may have exhibited cruelty in her treatment of the malted balls. Perhaps keeping some in halves on top of the cookie would be the right compromise. The triple chip was stellar. It remains crispy and buttery to this day, and the toffee nicely balances the chocolate to make the emphasis on the cookie and not the chip. Nobody to date has made a traditional chocolate chip cookie, so this was actually a pleasant variety. Shannon's shortbread is totally the real deal. To the point where AG was eyeing me suspiciously upon eating a 2nd piece. I haven't yet tried the cranberry variety, but the mocha was my favourite. I personally find plain shortbread a little too uniform, so anything that spices that up is very welcome. I'd also like to add that the presentation throughout was absolutely lovely, including the personalized Chanukah art. Great job Team Chicago. You guys rool!

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