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December 26, 2007


LOL at the warning!

It's also worth noting that the music included used that Bowie/Bing duet to close out the set.

I figured Jennifer got the idea from us, so we're taking credit.

We'll also take credit for any Peace breaking out anywhere on this beleaguered planet, but that seems unlikely.

But a few more cookies won't hurt. Unless, they're from Snag, in which case I believe they're intended to hurt. With Love.

Zelmo's entry was half-baked, like him.

BP- your CD was indeed what caused me to put up that video, so credit is most definitely due you. I've always liked that duet, but had not thought of it in awhile.

I have to admit, I had forgotten how old it was, but then Der Bingle's been gone for a couple of decades now.

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