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December 23, 2007


tthat dirty chocolate hippe!

he kept all the good herbs for himself. should have been parsley, sage, rosemary(jane) and thyme.

looks like the throwdowns were all worth it.

hang on gid you just totally glide past the painting class holiday party?

like sands through the hourglass of a turning world, we need our painting class holiday party story fix.

The cookies called for smokey bacon, not smokey herb, aif.

YIKES!!!!!!!! NOT SMOKEY BACON!!!!!!!!!

Smoky bacon. LOVE YOU SMOKEY DOG!!!!

How to Serve Smokey Dog


mdhatter- I may do a holiday recap. I backed off of the painting class tales due to paranoia. I was convinced one of them had found the site...

Pinko- Grizzled is requesting some Smokey bacon with Parsleypants.

How unoriginal and derivative.

I was convinced one of them had found the site...

It's too bad people take their own hillarious foibles so personally when they're called out. I think your painting class stories mostly cast the habits we all get into and odd reactions that we are all subject to in a constructive light.

In my best Joe Friday - 'Only the names have been changed... to protect the innocent.'

Mandos Mandos Mandos

The chocolate hammer was oh so impressive, and not at all phallic in the way that most other chocolate hammers I've encountered are. On Pinko's advice, I tried eating the lucky charm-shaped cookies with a glass and milk and on ice cream. The dairy counterpoint was essential for getting full enjoyment out of these other-worldly delights. Most importantly, you could tell that these cookies were once very crunchy, while the filling hydrated them in an unfortunate way. By chilling the cookies, either on ice cream, or in the refrigerator, the crunchiness was restored, and these became the over-achievers they were bred to be. I agree with Jennifer about the filling combination. Peppermint always won - I think the chocolate-filled cookies did not contrast the dark black holes of chocolate that surrounded them, and the subtlety of the filling was somewhat lost. The two cookies I received with a combination of chocolate and peppermint filling were excellent.

The spritz cookies were very tasty and beautifully constructed. I also agree with Jennifer, that having them filled took away the essential buttery crispiness that usually makes these cookies unstoppable. However, the filling was easier to assay in these cookies, and they were extremely delicous, even if a little limp.

GC's aunt's oatmeal cookies were a hit at lemony. I need my oatmeal to be diverse and complicated, and these really delivered. I am not usually a white chocolate fan, but in the milieu of cranberry, it is the right flavour to go along with the wholesomeness of the oatmeal. They were classic cookies that needed no updating.

Finally, the bacon-infused shortbread rocked my world and threw my lymphatics out of alignment. The combination of the sweet, salty, herbal, and bacony came together in the most wonderful way. I was amazed how crispy and savory these cookies were. They had the exact flavour I wanted them to have. As if Pinko somehow did a shot-gun sequencing project of my taste and odorant receptors, and matched the individual SNPs and polymorphisms to the ideal chemical matches. Yes, they were kind of sweet, by they are, afterall, shortbread cookies. The bacon flavour was not subtle, but it wasn't a pork hammer either. It was just the evidence that goodness had been used to create these cookies. Like little drops of angel dew.

Overall, this very strong entry was one of the most creative, daring, and technically challenging that have been received to date. Yes, there are inhert risks associated with smudging the boundaries of the cookie realm, but also wonderful savoury rewards. Along with the beautiful packaging, team Pinko Punko/Geenie Cola also made one of the strongest A/V contributions, in their attempt to influence the judges and win the package-off. Only time will tell whether they successfully avenged last year's crushing defeat or not.

I HAVE SOMETHING IN MY EYE RIGHT NOW. IT IS ONLY NATURES NATURAL CORNEA CLEANER AND MOISTURIZER. NOTHING TO SEE HERE. *sniff* my tear ducts have been overcome by the intrinsic incredible emotion.

I believe there is bias in the judging of what must obviously be a boring and middle-of-the-pack entry. I demand that this so-called Uncanny Canadian be recused from the bench.

You and AG both, Mandos.

UC- tell us how you really feel!!! :) And just how many phallic chocolate hammers have you been in contact with? Hmmmm? Or, for that matter, how many pork hammers? Dear. God. I don't even want to know....

However... Pinko/GC did have an awesome entry on many levels. I will give them that. My eldest lamblet was saying you could put a piece of meat between those little chocolate wafers and it would taste good. She was suggesting bacon... But speaking of teh awesome, we finally finished off Mandos' brittle. We've been making it last because it would have been gone in 3 seconds otherwise. My youngest lamblet was grooving on that. The egg sweet was right up there as well.

It's going to be interesting judging because so far everyone has had a couple of things that really stood out. I think as with most things, this decision will be found in the details...

As for UC's bias regarding PP... I think it could be balanced by AG's bias regarding PP. Hers seems to come from the other direction and they meet (meat?) in the middle.

That second UC is AG.

As if Pinko somehow did a shot-gun sequencing project of my taste and odorant receptors, and matched the individual SNPs and polymorphisms to the ideal chemical matches.

I don't know how many times I have thought the exact same thing. Oh wait, yeah I do.


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