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December 21, 2007


You haven't SEEN our level of slacking yet.

Res Publica is always afraid of the big gun I bring everywhere.

This entry was incredibly strong in both baking, bribery, and now I discover titling. My peppermint kisses came pretty crushed, but within each fragment, was a little burst of crispy airy mentholy joy. I have to think that Johnny Depp would approve. I probably could have polished off the entire batch of kisses in one romantic swoop, but I decided it essential to save some for my judging colleague. On the other extreme, the gossamer cookies certainly appeared pretty. They had this pretty pattern printed on them, an aroma of welcomeness, and a pleasing geometric arrangement. Then I took a bite, and those the demon emerged. It's like the beginning of the ATHF movie where everything cute turns violent at once. Brando writes that they have a hint of heat, but that would be like saying that the sun is kinda warm. Mind you, I loved the experience. I find with spiciness, it is the nature of the hot that matters, not the degree of hot, and this was the exact right kind of hot.

As for the reading material, I am so super psyched to read the excellent works of TLB and Brando. Those immediately get pushed to the front of the reading list. Thank goodness that I finished Harry Potter...

UC- thank you for commenting on the design of the Gossamer cookies. It was indeed beautiful.

Our kisses had also been turned into fairy dust, but there were enough fairy shards to taste. :)

AG will be testing and posting this weekend, right? If RoD is totally down again, she can post over here. I'll give her the keys.

Thanks to the judges for their kind words. In retrospect, the Peppermint Kisses were too delicate to mail, even when packed properly, but I'm glad they held their tatse. I like to think of the combination as foreplay/longtime, which you can interpret in the sexual sense or the Boston (the band) sense.

But no Blue Girl? That is too bad, she is the star of the sketch I hope to write tonight after I get back from shopping. I may just have to proceed as if she is entering.

Oh, please proceed as normal. I can't wait to read this one!!!!!!

Congrats TBTLB!! those cookies sound incredible. And nice going on the bribes.

Here comes the shiv from kathleen- I can tell, she's being super sweet.

Okay, I have written the trailer for the film of the contest. I give you:

No Cookies for Old Men








You're silly, thundra, but wise.

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