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December 22, 2007


Woo-hoo! Feel the love for Snag, Jr.!! I am tres impressed.

And Happy Winter to you too, Jennifer!

I congratulate Snag Jr. on his undoubtedly excellent entry, but I feel that only persons over 16 should be eligible for the Cookie Crown.

Surely if he's old enough to drive me home from the bar he's old enough to enter a cookie contest. Anyway, I intend to claim all the credit for his success and attribute any failures to him. Doing so will help prepare him for being an employee someday.


Kudos for finding a way to make the little deadbeats compensate you for giving them life. If you win, I'll be happy to alert the IRS to the little sweatshop you've got going there.

Yes, but I would hate to have disappointed what must be a nice young teenager when I win. Think of the emotional damage this might cause!

Yes, but I would hate to have disappointed what must be a nice young teenager when I win. Think of the emotional damage this might cause!

I originally sampled these thinking that Snag Sr. had made them, and already had heavy compliments for the lack of antlers/carnage within the cookies. The Mexicanesque weddingy cakey cookies were extremely rich and dense. I also like pecans, and am always surprised how they made this kind of cookie almost explode in flavour. These cookies were very potent; I haven't yet been able to finish one, out of fear for my coronary arteries. The ginger cookies were totally by the book. They had the right flavour and the right consistency without wrecking my pallete and overwhelming my sensory neurons. They also served as a perfect entree into the peanut butter kiss cookie. Now I kind of fall on the Grizzled camp where it comes to peanut butter cookies, but I find that a discontinuity of flavour, preferably by disruption via chocolate or jelly can turn these normally meh varietals into something far more pleasing. The giant Hershey kiss in the centre was just the right distraction. I arranged it so every bite of the cookie had a little bit of the very milky chocolate, and that made the whole experience just right. It also warmed me up for the intensity of the Snaggerdoodle. My snaggerdoodles came kind of hammerdoodled, so it was more like pouring the crumbs into my mouth, but boy was that some crazy rich chocolate almondy goodness. I have been thinking of the right conduit for the snaggerdoodle, and think that it might just be the perfect vanilla ice cream topping. I'm going to try this just as soon as I've saved up enough lactose, but I'm sure it will be amazing. Overall, these were four very different kinds of cookies, all of whom were baked by somebody with far more ability and craft than the typical 14-year old. I would say that it reeks of parental tampering, but knowing Snag, that would only hurt the process, so all-in-all even more bravo to Snag Jr.!!!

I hope it makes you all happy that your reviews caused my son to tell me, "Dad, just let me run things from now on."

That'll be me in the tent in your backyard.

"The Holiday Bake-Off made me homeless" -- Snag

Those really sound delicious. Congrats to the Snag pack for a solid, meatless entry.

Snag, that is better than in the RV out front. Although, if you DO get an RV you are more than welcome to RV block the driveway from other RVs, like my parents. I KID!! (we have a family joke about that, or maybe a family threat).

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