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December 24, 2007


I just wanted to second everything Jennifer had to say about the peanut butter and jelly cookies. I don't like peanut butter cookies very much, but there were more than palpable; they were scrumptdillyicious. Very soft on the inside and with the right amount of jelly in the center. My cookies also arrived in impeccable condition - nary a crumb had been displaced. These also are keeping very well, and will be a critical travel companion for AG and myself on our trip to Cauliflowernia tonight.


Homeland Security and the USPS live in fear of the bureaucratic juggernaut that is Canuckistan. There is fear, real fear, of bringing down the Maple Hammer in/on George's pants.

Wow. How could Mendacious D come up with such a nefariously simple and delicious cookie. I am outraged! I was expecting some maple covered bottle cap and a Labatt's toque.

PB&J cookies!? what is this, kindergarten nap time?!

merry christmas to Jennifer, Grizzled and all their lamblets!

Thank you, aif!

Apologies. A picture is here.

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