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December 18, 2007


I also received the Team Mandos entry yesterday and was quick to sample the goods. While I was not particularly taken in by the brownie combination, I have nothing but raves for the brittle. The spiciness that Jennifer alluded to was because of the wasabi-coated peas - an excellent and I almost wonder integral component of the brittle. What won me over even more was the honey sesame stick. I cannot get enough of the those. The brittle was crunchy, sufficiently sweet, and texturally-diverse. While not a traditional bake-off item, the punch it packed is going to score Mandos highly in some categories. The egg sweet is an interesting concoction. The almond flavour is prominent - almost to the point where it had pistachio overtones. The egg sweet reminds me of marzipan- and it is substantial. I don't think it is too sweet by any means, but the denseness of the dessert needs proper respect. I think it needs to be consumed in combination with something else. I will try ice cream, but if Mandos has any suggestions, I am open. Perhaps a fruity sorbet would be better.

Actually if any judges have requests on accompanying food/beverage for maximal enjoyment of their desserts, it would be very helpful. For example, Claire had perfect beverages to accompany her cookies, and I must say that they were essential. So please, whether it be coffee, tea, milk, ice cream, whipped cream, or grapefruit, I will comply for the good of the food.

UC- That was it! I knew I had had those peas before, but was having a brain cramp. Yes, wasabi coated peas. Didn't you want more? I did. I wanted more heat.

And you're right, marzipan is an excellent description of the egg sweet. Although, not as pasty in my mind, very on the mark flavor-wise and density-wise.

The brittle involved baking and/or a wheat product. It did! (Though not necessarily in that order.)

Hmm, I never thought of an accompaniment for the egg sweet. I think the correct accompaniment is probably another South Asian-flavoured food, like kulfi (a kind of pistachio ice cream) or shir qurma (chilled noodles in sweet almond sauce). I guess if you could find a pistachio ice cream, it might be the right thing. But failing that, I guess mango juice might be the right thing to drink with it? As for the entire meal, I've only ever eaten it after spicy food, particularly foods like biriyani. But any spicy rice dish, I think, goes best with it.

There was ginger and chili in the brittle, as well as wasabi peas. I'd have put more but I only have a small window in which the sugar is melty enough, and I was also not sure of the hotness levels the judges take.

I take it hot, Mandos. Really hot!!!!!

Mandos- Your taking heat-tolerance levels into consideration was very thoughtful. The brittle was great just as it was. I'd be curious to try it with more heat though.

I can see how the egg sweet would be great after very spicy food. It was a really delicate flavor. Quite good.

Now I'm curious about the chilled noodles with sweet almond sauce!!

Again- great entry!

Ahhh, I forfeit.

I'm gonna save the postage and eat my own cookies.

I'll be over here in the corner by myself.

BP! You may NOT forfeit! Once you're in, you're in! Besides, even Snag entered and he doesn't have one spare moment these days.

You must finished what you started...

Oh, the baking is done.

The cookies are delish. I placed them in a lockbox, or we would have suffered a Chuckles-style Cookie Monster meltdown also.

I am waiting on Zelmo; as usual, he is a no-show.

But how does one compete with the Ineffable Mandos and/or The Glue Birl Production and Exposition Mega-Corporation? Or Claire and her Beverages?

Maybe if I include a note stating that the cookies are best accompanied by ganja. They'll be the best cookies you ever tasted!!

Or maybe just some tequila. That's it! My cookies are best tasted by dunking in tequila!! And wash 'em down with tequila.


BP- just add in that Gehry addition for my house and you're in like Flynn. :)

I'm sure your cookies will more than hold their own (tequilla...). In the words of Ray Stevens, everything is beautiful, in its own way. The same thing goes for a cookie. But an addition wouldn't hurt... Just sayin'...

I recommend bourbon with my entry. A lot of it. Preferably beforehand.

Billy, last year I entered with just snickerdoodles. Mainly because Res and BG came to my blog and badgered me. (I tease, I tease).
But in all seriousness, I'm sure this year's judges (like last year's) will appreciate the effort. It's enthusiasm, not quantity that counts.

Shayera is sweet, but it's actually bribes, not enthusiasm nor quantity, that counts. Preferably bribes of the kind that you would count ....

Snag... I thought you recommended lighter fluid.

Shayera- you're right

UC- you're also right...

Billy, are you saying it's over? Nothing is over until we decide it is! Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? No!

UC, I promise to bake you cookies next week after I finish moving and unpacking. And if you're lucky, they'll be the macaroons I made for Res this Summer.

I would like to suggest that BP is perfectly correct in his desire to yield to me. And everyone who follows his lead decreases the delay after which I might receive my well-deserved Cookie Crown.

OK, UC, consider the bagfull of marbles included!!

My only hope is the pity vote, and since AG and jennifer are pitiless, I can get at most a little sympathy votage from UC and Grizzled.... it won't be enough.

I don't yield to YOU, Mandos.

I yield to your obviously highly effective bribage of the judgorama.

Now Billy's going to send a large death cookie that says, "Eat Me!"

I have plenty of pity, BP... plenty of empathy, just not a lot for ewe.


Now I REALLY need to eat all those cookies.

I have infinite compassion and kindness for anybody that bakes me cookies or otherwise. If you're looking for redemption from your earthly sins, I can arrange that as well.

UC- kissin' up! :)

BP- since AG's not here... stop yer whinin' and ship those cookies! Besides, this is the glory of Mandos thread!

I am snark-free. And jealous. Nice job, Mandos!

Alright Kathleen! Raising this thread to a higher level.

I hope all is safe in your area and that your lungs recover.

Man, Mandos. I can't wait to win, because I want you sending me some brittle next year! :)

That's what I love about Canadians. They're so clueless about corruption and bribery, UC is DOING IT THE WRONG DIRECTION!!

You'd think so, but as recent events in Canada are showing, Mulroney sure knew the right direction.

Bad news for all bake-off contestants. I just received the package from TLB and Brando, and they may have clinched the bribe-off. All I have to say is woweewowowowow!!! Cookies are something else as well, but there will be more about those later. As for the bribes, all I have to say is y'all been served, and it might be worth stepping-up your efforts a notch or fourteen.

UC- I wonder if you got what we got...


Naked pictures of Brando.

Huh. Baubles will surely wear off. Almonds and sincerity will win the day.

More likely a promise not to send naked pictures of Brando.

Jennifer, yes, we gave both sets of judges the same bribes. We are fair and balanced cheaters.

Billy, I don't do full frontal unless I'm getting bribed.

I canNOT believe that this pure and wholesome bake-off has degraded to the point where people are discussing full frontal. It's a sad, sad day in cookieland. We're supposed to be baking cookies, not seeing someone's cookies...

I suggest you all take a moment to go sit and reflect on the true meaning of the bake-off...


jennifer would prefer we talk about full frontal cookies.

You're fortunate Chuckles didn't make his in 3-d.

You'd put your eye out.

He did Jennifer. E-mail AG your digits again and he can call you tonight.

We can totally call ya!

We so get to meet the Queen.

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