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December 19, 2007


They look good.

Well, get ready for the chocolate hammer.

Those cookies do look pretty tasty.

I love the phrase chocolate hammer. So intimidating and inviting at the same time.

Claire offered an incredibly well-rounded entry into the bake-off. Her presentation was par excellence and the cookies were not letdowns by any means. My first sample was of the chocolate cookies, and I have to say that I was shocked and awed. The cookies are far lighter than you would predict, yet they lose none of the taste for it. I hadn't realized how potent the mocha frosting would be, and thought it was a transition topping. Nuh uh. These were by far my favourite cookies of the batch and the ones I am most jealous that somebody else knows how to make them. I don't have very good quality coffee, but I don't think these needed any flavour balance anyway.

Next I tried the spice cookies. I knew beforehand that Jennifer had raved about these, but I was surprised at their delicacy. I guess for me they were subtle, and I'm not sure they fully pupated in my mouth as I expected. I experimented eating these cookies with two different kinds of tea, one a subtle Japanese green tea, and the other a full-on vanilla chai. The chai brought out more of the cardamom flavour that Jennifer alluded to, and I think I can see the elegance of this cookie. Beautiful texture and bite as well.

The oatmeal were surprising to me. I had my milk ready and my lactaid at hand, and went for it. I thought they would be regular but excellent oatmeal cookies. Instead I bit into an olio of textures and flavours. These might have been the best oatmeal cookies I have ever tasted, at least inasmuch as nobody else has sent me an oatmeal cookie in a bake-off yet. Claire has really done a phenomenal job and deserves high accolades for her ability to update and improve on the classic cookie.

Oh, Pinko, I think the politically-correct term for that these days is "African-American wang".

UC- I must marry anyone who uses olio in everyday language!!!

Aren't those chocolate cookies crazy?? They look so rich, but are light, but as you said, don't disappoint. I'm so confused...

Did I mention how much my lamblets love Claire???

The Oatmeal is a Superb choice. So much room for improvisation within its wholesome perfection.

Well Played, Claire.

I'm going back to sulking.

Congrats Claire! Those sound awesome!

my cookies should've arrived by now! ack.

It is clear that my bribe and packaging will win all.
If this was the standard.

Thanks for the nice write-up. I just posted about the recipes, should anyone be interested in making them at home. I'm glad they went over well!

That's odd, I thought these cookies tasted like frito butt.

Capt. Trollypants- I think you're referring to your own. You must have been eating them while looking at Claire's lovely photos and made the mistake.

What an unoriginal, derivative entry.

Oh Mandos, sour grapes, huh? Jealous of my cookies' reception? People in glass houses shouldn't throw cookies.

Woo-hoo, Jennifer! How can one be the best? With no Bill O'Reilly cum candy cane in the lot, a work of art transcending every and all questions of taste, who ya gonna choose?
Don't say bribes. A most welcome and noble tradition, I'm sure, but still...for me, hard cold cash might not mean so much while I was sampling that death-row cookie. Or playing the lead in "Brigadoon." But I've always run light in my down-at-the-heels money-loafers.
Aren't some cookies created equal?
Maybe I'm just more into it as sorry spectator this year. (Reality check--I've already burned my kitchen black this year and my migraines are punishing me for it.) And yet, this Bake-Off has BIG SUSPENSE as well as everything else.
Your precise descriptions of taste, texture, appearance, packaging and fond-feelings for the bakers make it feel real serious. Fun, delicious, but still--serious.

Hi Kathleen! I meant to get back to you the other day, but I've been in a sugar haze...

No, bribes will not work at this point, it's down to serious baking at this point.

Judging will be difficult, and yes, many cookies are created equal, but we have 4 people deciding so at least there will be a taste for every cookie, a cookie for every taste!

Sorry about the migraines. Those sound terrible.

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