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December 01, 2007


Yay for the eldest lamblet! Her illustration is just GREAT! Please tell her how great I think it is. I'm so glad she dove in and got all creative.

Don't beat yourself up too much, Jennifer, about this digital world stuff. Even if you had every digital machine and the skill to use them, Murphy tends to step in at the last minute anyway. You need it to print? Won't print. Need to scan it? Won't scan. Need to email it? Cable goes out. It happens all the time in our business.

*That* seems to be part of the process, too. Becoming a great trouble-shooter and learning to tolerate and have patience with Mr. Murphy.

The Skimmer and I worked on ours together, and that was really fun. And a tad stressful. At one point yesterday, I was like, "Oh, we should do this and this, too."

The Skimmer, "What's this 'we' business? Get out."

I quietly tip-toed out of his office.


There have been so many great opportunities since I became part of the blogosphere. It just amazes me.

No fair! How come your kids got all the talent?

Tell your daughter nicely done. That's a neat illustration.

jennifer, a quick word re: digital age. if you have a digital camera and a room with large windows, just setup your artwork on a stable platform and shoot (without flash). tripod would work, but is not always needed.. you can just set your camera down on something.

if you have an SLR, you're in business! mail for more details, as we're just learning about repro work :-D

man.. i'm geeking out on the camera stuff today :(

the illustration is teh amazing and very appropriate for the site. recognition at such a young age is always a shot in the arm :-D

Thanks aif. I've photographed before for that, but have found with paintings that are shiny, like the above, I have to shoot at an angle to not get a reflection. I suppose that just means I need to do more work on it. I was thinking of photographing stuff yesterday... should have done it. Thanks for reminding me and now that the door is open, I'll probably be asking you more questions than you ever wanted. :-0

This thread is all...





This is all fantastic, Jennifer. I was very impressed with your lamblet's work. I finally had that realization that my glasses really have been all wrong this whole time, and now I know how to fix them. I will have to read the other essays another time, but Wear Pink Glasses does resonate a touch. My very close friend's mother-in-law is a similarly accomplished academic (although in medicine, not physics), and in the opportunities I've had to visit with her, I love seeing her glee at the smallest things - many of which are typical of daily life in the US.

Congrats to Lamblet 1 for her submission. It was fresh and creative. I hope the process was good for her.

You could take a night class on scanning/imaging technology and online presentation, but you'd have to remember to get there early for the parking. Your daughters picture is brilliant. I agree with what Picasso had to say.

That is amazing! Congrats to the Lamblet.

Congratulations to you and yours.... I noticed that even though you had a hard time.... you did after all submit the images you said you would... plus one!! Don't be the least bit surprised if one of your images ends up in the book. Some of the greatest achievements of all time were destined for the trash can before miraculously making a come back... If you had been the kind of person that gives up, you never would have inspired your lamblet to the limelight she is basking in today in today!!

Nah. Nah. Nah.


Nah. Nah. Nah.


I love your "Orange flag" image and Callie's illustration, too. I'm so glad that was a good experience for her. What a wonderful Mom you are, to have encouraged her to participate! Are we going to get to see your other three illustrations?

That's a great illustration. Your daughter is very talented (like her mother!).

I always think I should do things ahead of time, but if it wasn't for the last minute, I'd never get anything done. So sad.

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