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December 14, 2007


Just for that, BG, my Billy Pilgrim Back off Bake-O-Rama Bake-Off Theme Song Of The Day is:

Stairway to Heaven.

Own THAT, Queen of NOTHIN!! Bonzo will drum your cookies into dust and your dreams of throwndom will be throne!!!!

Plus, it's like 17 minutes long.

LOL! Thanks for posting that, Jennifer! (PP's head is probably exploding to the west of us as I type this.)

BP, all that glitters in no way is gold where your cookies are concerned, my friend.

EAT IT!111@!@!@!!!!!!

Be careful, BG. I ALMOST went with "Ogre Battle" by Queen, even with the Res 'Big Queeny Mess' restriction.

Dear Lord... the bake-off, schmake-off is turning into a Battle of the Banned.

BP- any Rush entry will automatically get your cookies, no matter how tasty, tossed out into the street. I'll probably toss my own cookies as well. And that goes for Zelmo... and the horse your cookies ride in on.

Sing it Geddy:

There is unrest in the wires
There is trouble on the blogs
For the bakers want the Cornman
And the judges look for swag

The trouble with former winners
(and theyre quite convinced they're right)
They say the newcomers are too half-assed
And the cookies won't taste light
But the others think their bake goods
will be tasty on their own
And they wonder why the old Queens
Can't be happy with their thrown?

There is trouble in the Bake-Off
And the Ghost Melon has fled
As Jennifer screams `No Rush Songs!`
And AG taunts the uncommitted

Now Pinko asked for Theme Songs
But ignored the late entrants
the songs became too creepy
except BG's Broadway show
Now theres no more cookie Bake-Off
For New York Law came down
The bakers now are bake-less
no cookies
or thrown ...


Do you have time to inhale some helium, make a video and post it on YouTube, Geddy Pilgrim?

OMG! Seriously BG, you bring the throw down like nobody else. Taunting has been taken to another level with this masterpiece.

I thought the tempo was all wrong on the titles, and the punctuation very unfortunate. This is what eating play-doh gets you.

OMG, I heart BG.

She just raised the bar for y'all with that video. She just got like 1,000 points.

The capitalization also seemed caught between Bushian and German. It was inconsistentable.

Seriously, that rocked. I am leaving a comment here because Song of the Day hates me again and says my words are spam.

Your words cannot hurt me if I know that they're true and that I've already said them to myself knowing that I don't lie.

Except you, Pinko Punko.

The tempo is perfect.

EAT IT!1!!@!@!@!!!

whatever, overcaffeinated cookie thrown squatter

That was the funniest, if more delusional, videos I have seen in a while. Your cookies have NO CHANCE. If you have to resort to youtube videos, you are obviously trying to distract from the lameness of your cookies. Nice try BG.

Oh! And Claire shows that not only Frank has claws!!!

Exactly, Claire.

BG must have REALLY punted the first batch to feel the need to resort to such shenanigans.

YES, I called shenanigans, and I want MenD to make a ruling. If he's not available, then Ponce.

Ponce would do it! Ponce would judge with a cold heart and steely eye!

You guys are way out of my league. I was smart to sit back and nurse my worst migraine of the year, which conveniently (or so some say), happens to take me out of action two or three weeks before Christmas, if not the entire month. Occasionally, come the 25th, I'm able to sit up. But only if there are presents for me that I haven't already, in my agony, mysteriously managed to open and re-wrap. So odd that in the throes of such out-of-this-world pain, I generally manage not just subterfuge, but even a clever system that sorts those ill-hued, often fuzzy things that require returning, and the brave few I just might keep.

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