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December 15, 2007


That picture of you IS TOO CUTE!! Good luck with your tough task!

How adorable are you two!

I wish I had thought of "Je ne sais coif".

I think you're being giddy.

Giddy with power.

Cookie Dick Cheney and Bak-o-leeza Rice.

Grizzled has a certain poisson de la vie.

You guys have matching glasses.
And Bak-o-leeza Rie? Flat out had me in hysterics for 5 minutes.

or Rice. My typing fingers stink.

you're like Harry Potter before there *was* a Harry Potter!!

fish- why I am not surprised that a fish would see it like that?

Shayera- I, too, loved Bake-o-leeza Rice, but damn TypePad wouldn't let me comment.

Kathleen- are you implying I'm old?!?! :) My father was all Harry before Harry. Still is to some degree.

Those pictures are adorable.

And Jennifer, may I say, you are a total Funky Winkerbean!

Too cute for words.

Adorable, eh? Did y'all forget about AG?!!

J-Lo, does this mean AG has to put up photos? I don't know if UC or AG have any kiddies photos. I think mine are all still in storage and AG's mother breaks computers, not uses them for e-mailing people. Hmmm.

Schmoopies, didn't you have a baby picture of me or am I being confused about something? I thought I once tried to give you one.

I may have some in a small group of photos that are not in the storage unit. Otherwise, I may have to ask my Aunties to help me out.

AG- you may put up photos if you like. It's been no means mandatory. I just wanted an excuse to show off Grizzled's elfin do. :)

Thanks BG. :)

Mine will be mailed tomorrow and I will be posting more pictures/trash talk tonight.

Yes, I will be baking and posting while drunk again, thanks to the office holiday party today.

I see what's going on here. You're feinting with cute, adorable pictures of yourselves so we won't see the Fist of Harsh Judgment getting ready to pound our cookies into crumbs (if UPS hasn't done that already).

BTW, UPS tracker says cookies should show tomorrow.

With that testimony of charachter... If I am ever on trial... for some haneous bad taste(buds) or something, I will be requesting the two of you to be on the jury!!

Brando- Shhhhhhhh!!

MJ- it's a deal.

Sweet Cookie Jesus, I think she meant to say:

Effin' hair do.

Just sayin'...


cookies are baked and are sitting here on my desk. I am just waiting for a break in work to go to the mail sending place.

ps. I also sort-of made the best video ever. E.V.E.R.

Silly me.

I thought this was a BAKING contest, not a video-off.

Glitz and glam, all a sham.

Don't be bitter, billy...

I'm bitter.

So am I...

Don't forget me.

Um, videos at You Tube are allowed, BP.

Instead of policing grammar, maybe you should learn to read the rules.


Oh, maybe I misread the contest....let's see here (rustle of paper as I open the original rules) we go.

[reading in a loud, manly, authoritative and justified voice. Think Mike Rowe, or maybe Paul Robeson] "Rules for the 2007 Holiday, Yeah, We Said Holiday, Bill O'Reilly, Whattya Gonna Do About It? Bake-off "

Oh, I guess I could see how one might make the mistake that the Bake-Off is actually about baking, SINCE IT SAYS SO RIGHT IN THE MOTHER-LOVIN TITLE OF THE BAKE-OFF, [YEAH, I SAID MOTHER-LOVIN, WHATTAYA GONNA DO ABOUT IT?]

Next year, let's make the Bake-Off about ice sculptures!! Or Pony-Shaving!! Maybe gigantic moose construction!!!!

Sheesh your own bad self.

billy, don't be a hero.

Hey, I'm all about the ice sculptures and gigantic moose construction!! We can pass on the pony-shaving...

BP- The NY Law Firm is correct... don't be a hero, go home and bake with your wife.

I forgot to add... I think BP has a man-crush on Mike Rowe. He dreams about him, fantasizes about his voice...


That's what I'm on about!!

Nobody's about the Baked Goods anymore!!

In my day, a bake-off was a BAKE-OFF, General Mills be damned, and the top cooks would have it out with pastries at close quarters while the lesser bakers would choose up sides and swing away with ten pound sacks of flour...

I bet Billy's envisioning Mike Rowe swinging those 10 lbs sacks of flour... those bulging biceps and glistening triceps...

I nearly typed, "triceratops". :) Mike Rowe has some awesome triceratops!

You know, baked triceratops is pretty darn tasty... but then, you wouldn't be interested in anything baked, would you?


Nope! We're not interested in anything baked here at the Bribe-Off!

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